How planting trees can help reduce your carbon footprint

by Matt Hill April 17, 2016

You don't have to learn any complicated mathematical formulas or use a carbon footprint calculator to determine your carbon footprint. This is the down and dirty.
1) The average North American's impact is 20 metric tons of carbon per year. What the heck is a metric ton of carbon you may ask? I will tell you later in my next blog. 
2) Your carbon footprint comes from 4 main components:
1. housing. How big is your house? 2000 s.f., more? The bigger your house, the more your impact.
2. food. How much food do you consume? Where does your food come from? Do you buy local, or are you buying from across the seas? This has an impact.
3. transportation. Are you driving a Prius or Escalade? Do you drive to work, or bike to work. Family vacations up to the country, or flying to Disney? 
4. consumption. Do you have the latest smart phone and apple watch? I want one too. Driving to the mall and buying another flat screen and stopping for a bite at the Cheesecake Factory. The more we consume, the greater our impact. Keeping up with the Jones..
Interesting note here, research from MIT says that the "floor" the lowest a North American can go no matter how much you try and minimize your impact is 8.5 metric tons. 
So, lets take the average then of 20 tons. 1 tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon per year. I have no clue how many pounds are in 1 tone, but I did the math for you, 2204 pounds are in 1 tone. If you divide 2204 into 48 you get 45.91666667. So round up and get 46 trees per year can absorb 1 metric tone of carbon from the atmosphere. 46 trees times 20 tons equals 920 trees. Thats a lot of trees to plant to reduce our impact. But lets start with at least 1 ton because little bit helps.
Click on this link to reduce your impact and plant 46 trees 

Matt Hill
Matt Hill


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