Trees clean air

by Leah Feor May 31, 2016

Trees Clean Air

For over ten years now I’ve been actively engaged in sustainability and environmentally conscious movements. A series of moments woke me up, and I became aware that I can make a difference on this planet.

It’s taken me near a decade to understand that this difference can play out in small, tiny, minuscule acts.Taking things one day at a time, I patiently work away at solutions that will be part of a bigger success. So what’s the big picture, what is it that we are trying to achieve? Paul Hawken and his tribe call it Drawdown. We, as a collective community are working towards drawing down greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere.

In an effort to further my positive impact on the planet, I took a leap of faith and allowed my personal grassroots movement, Simply Sustainable to take a major shift. I went from selling jewelry to sharing information as a source of empowerment. My website took an overhaul, and now instead of pictures of necklaces, you’ll find 101 simple acts that I have done since my first wake up call.

Top of the list; connect with nature. Coming in second; plant a tree. For me, connecting with nature was really where it all began. I soon after learned that my next steps would have to be action. Instinctively I knew that we needed less concrete and more trees. And for as long as more concrete is being poured, more trees need to be planted.

Why trees you ask? Well, they provide oxygen. And even better than that, they absorb carbon dioxide.Since we as humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon, I’d say that trees give us life. When you connect with nature, you see that everything is connected. Without trees, we would not be able to breathe clean air.

Globally, in March of 2015, we reached an unsafe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere of over 400 parts per million (ppm). According to the 350 movement, if we want to maintain a safe level of carbon, we need to stay below 350 ppm. This will take a collective effort in not only the reduction of carbon emissions, but also the reduction in our current carbon levels.

While the big picture is technically bringing down Co2 levels below 400 ppm, the even bigger picture is quality of life. That’s what I’m after for myself, and the 7 billion plus I share this beautiful Earth with.

Together, we’re building a more sustainable planet, and in order to build a strong foundation, we need pillars. One Tree Planted answers the question Why Trees? with 6 solid reasons. In essence these reasons are the pillars of tree planting, the core benefits of the act. First pillar is air of course, because it’s absolutely vital to our existence.

“Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the greenhouse gas effect, all while providing us with clean air to breathe.”

One big way that trees affect the air quality is through the reduction of outdoor temperatures.  This results in less use of energy demanding air conditioning in warmer climates.  Less demand on energy generation will result in fewer pollutants emitted, lower greenhouse gases, and ultimately a lower level of carbon in our atmosphere.

Trees become increasingly important in urban settings as they lend a hand with cleaning the air through their natural cycle of carbon absorption. Remember, trees breathe in pollutants such as carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen for us to inhale. It’s a pretty neat cycle that is crucially important to living systems.

Follow along the Blog here as I share all 6 Pillars of Tree Planting in a series. Next time, we’ll be talking about water – because without it – life cannot exist. You see, it’s all connected. Now go ahead and thank a tree. Or better yet, why not plant one? Click Here to Plant One Tree


Leah Feor
Leah Feor


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