Green Business: 4 Easy Ways to Create Sustainable Brands

Green Business: 4 Easy Ways to Create Sustainable Brands

June 01, 2017

With the world’s attention on climate change, many organizations are starting to wonder, should we get involved? How can we help?

Leaders are now looking into sustainability strategies that will allow them to save money, cut carbon emissions, lower resource consumption, and build more green initiatives in their programs.

Sound familiar?

It’s important to understand that no effort is too small. Start where you are! If you're consistent, the results and savings will substantially build up.

Here are some strategies that you can implement no matter what stage your business is in.

  1. Conserve power – To start reducing your emissions, turn off electronic devices when not in use. Turn off computers for the weekends and unplug the chargers since these continue to draw power even when not connected to the computer.
  1. Avoid waste – Look around the office at the processes and materials in place. Can you reduce any unnecessary paperwork or replace disposable items with something reusable? Reduce the amount of documents that need printing by switching to digital versions, aim for creating as little trash as possible, and recycle whenever possible.
  1. Implement a work-from-home strategy – This one is tricky because you have to come up with some ways to guarantee efficiency, however, it will pay off the most because employees will be engaged and motivated to keep the perk while reducing transportation emissions and office resources. Start with once a month, then make it more frequent if it works.
  1. Support eco-friendly initiatives with staff - Take a tree-planting field trip, invite a speaker for a workshop, or incentivize employees to reach certain goals with tree donations in their name as the rewards. These types of ideas engage employees to work smarter and build up the brand they work for, plus they're fun to do together!

L'oreal Canada team planting trees with One Tree Planted for #citizensday 2017

(L'oreal Canada team planting trees with One Tree Planted for #citizensday 2017)

So what’s in it for you? Not only does the planet  - and humanity - need it, your business will reap the benefits of your hard work. Here’s how:

  1. Going green is a PR dream for any organizations, more and more consumers are switching to products that are mindful of the environment. It’s worked for our many reforestation partners!
  1. Your energy bill will be lower. As mentioned before, every small effort builds up. If you reduce the amount of energy going to your devices, change your bulbs to LED lighting, and implement other ideas specific to your business then your energy bill has nowhere to go but down.
  1. You’ll qualify for tax credits. Green organizations can apply for tax credits when utilizing environmentally friendly business practices.
  1. You’ll Reduce operating costs by removing unnecessary waste and resources.

Looking for ways to increase your corporate social responsibility initiatives?

We work with all types of companies to think outside the box and create something sustainable and engaging. No project is too big or too small.

Check out how One Tree Planted can support your CSR program, and plant with us!  

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