Reforestation Africa Aboakyer Festival


May 09, 2017

We were on the field again!!

This time in Winneba, Ghana where One Tree Planted helped fund the planting of 500 trees with our reforestation partner, Memory Tree Initiative, for the Aboakyer Festival on May 2nd.

Here's what Nana Yaw Osei-Darkwa, the National Coordinator of Memory Tree Initiative, had to say about it:

"The trees were planted in the Central region of Ghana. We are totally committed to this cause and with your support we will help combat global warming by planting tree after tree after tree."


The Aboakyer Festival is a celebration that commemorates the migration of people from the ancient Western Sudan Empire, as well as the tradition of hunting in the culture. It is celebrated annually, and is a major event in Ghana. 

In this culture, as in many others around the world, there is a close relationship between the forest, wildlife, and humanity. It is deeply understood that we are part of an interconnected system, and hence all depend upon the forest to thrive. But the forest has been depleted in recent decades, which has impacted wildlife and hunting.

Planting new trees is an empowering way for local communities to come together, honor nature, and replenish the forest for future generations. 

It was an incredible day with dozens of volunteers planting hundreds of trees. 


Thanks to all of our incredible donors and partners!

Many more trees need to be planted around the world. Want to help? Plant with us!


Wendy Rubiano

Chief Tree Planting Officer


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