Here's a Great Reason to Hold On Tight to Old Growth Trees

by Leah Feor July 15, 2016

Carbon Sequestration Old Growth Trees

While it’s understandable that there is a lot to grasp when it comes to carbon, it’s important that we begin to familiarize ourselves with the topic, and not shy away from it. 

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Are You Up For a Challenge?

by Leah Feor July 01, 2016

Million Tree Challenge

A tree has so many benefits on its own – even just one tree planted can make a big impact to the global ecosystem.  What about when we get many of them together, you know, like in a forest?

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Are You Interested in Learning More About Sustainability?

by Leah Feor June 20, 2016

Are You Interested in Learning About Sustainability

As this word becomes further integrated into our daily vocabulary, it’s important to make sure that we are all on the same page.

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When it Comes to Sustainability, Walking the Talk is Key

by Leah Feor June 17, 2016


The word sustainability is new to some, perhaps even perceived as a buzzword – a word that comes and goes from people’s vocabulary depending on what’s trending.

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Trees Restore Economies

by Leah Feor June 13, 2016

Trees Restore Economies

“It all comes down to money” is something I hear often.  Yes, financial sustainability is important.  However, it isn’t the only variable in the equation.


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Deforestation: My 2 cents on the subject

by Matt Hill January 05, 2016

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.” This powerful quote stated by Franklin D. Roosevelt accurately sums up the problem with deforestation.  Known as, “the permanent removal of forests or stand of trees to make land available for other uses”, deforestation has truly crippled the environment and continues to plague ecosystems on a global scale.

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by Cloe Rainville July 21, 2015

Like in much of the eastern world, birthing a son is preferred, but this village has decided to do something extraordinary to save the lives of newborn girls and ensure they have a promising future- for themselves and the planet

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