Tree Shaping: Roots of an Ever Growing Art

by Leah Feor October 25, 2016

Tree Shaping

One of the most exciting things about growing a green economy is the creativity and innovation that it inspires. 

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Inspirational Quotes About Trees

by Leah Feor October 18, 2016

Inspirational Quotes About Trees

From philosophers to entrepreneurs, modern day poets to historical writers, trees have long been a subject of interest and a topic of discussion. 

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Forest Bathing - Tune Your Senses Into Nature

by Leah Feor October 07, 2016

Forest Bathing

When we surround ourselves with Nature, something shifts from within.  A sense of calm washes over us, and things begin to slow down.

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Are Your Ready for the School Tree Challenge?

by Leah Feor September 26, 2016

Earth Day Every Day

Trees play an essential part in our daily lives.  They give us many things; from oxygen to clean water, and endless benefits in between.  Perhaps that is why it’s a good idea to teach young minds about how amazing they are, and the importance of planting them every year.

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The Economics of Planting Trees

by Leah Feor September 22, 2016


When you plant a tree with us, your dollar goes a long way.  Those four quarters are divided up among many hands, making this collaborative effort a good investment in the Earth and the economy.

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Small Businesses Making a Big Impact - Grassroots Campaign

by Leah Feor September 09, 2016

Join the Reforestation Movement

Are you ready to join the One Tree Planted Reforestation Movement?

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Forest Monitoring Has Reached a New Level in Brazil

by Leah Feor September 01, 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics have come and gone.  While the metal count and winning teams will be talked about for weeks to come, an important message on the environment will hopefully continue to be heard across the globe well into the future.

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New Fire Risk Tool Can Help Prevent Deforestation in Indonesia

by Leah Feor August 08, 2016

Forest Fire Tool Indonesia

Forest fires are both naturally occurring, and human-caused.  Indonesia - a country about one fifth the size of the United States located in Southeast Asia – sees its fair share of fires on an annual basis. The impact is large, and it can be felt across the globe.

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Can the Boreal Forest Play an Even Bigger Role with a Changing Climate?

by Leah Feor August 03, 2016

Boreal Forest

Climate change is being felt in many different ways.  Drought, is undeniably one of them.  The temperature on Earth is rising, and rain that is heavily depended upon, is scarce.

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Why It's Important To Manage Forests For Long Term Growth

by Leah Feor August 01, 2016

Managing Forests For Long Term Growth

Forests are vital to the Earth’s ecosystem.  Home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, the sustainable management of these lands is an important solution when it comes to acting on climate change.

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How to Reduce your Wedding's Impact on the Environment

by Leah Feor July 26, 2016

Eco-friendly Wedding

If you’re setting forth to say “I do” any time soon, you most likely have done a little bit of research about weddings.

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A Forest So Big It Takes Centuries to Discover it All

by Leah Feor July 20, 2016

Amazon Discovery Tree Biodiversity

Last week there were headlines in the news about an important discovery.  Scientists, researchers, and environmental experts came together to present their findings of approximately 12,000 tree species identified in the Amazon Rainforest.

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Here's a Great Reason to Hold On Tight to Old Growth Trees

by Leah Feor July 15, 2016

Carbon Sequestration Old Growth Trees

While it’s understandable that there is a lot to grasp when it comes to carbon, it’s important that we begin to familiarize ourselves with the topic, and not shy away from it. 

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What Happens When Forests Set Fire?

by Leah Feor July 08, 2016

Forest Fire

Every time I hear news of a forest fire, my heart drops.  I immediately think about everything that can be impacted by this one event.

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Are You Up For a Challenge?

by Leah Feor July 01, 2016

Million Tree Challenge

A tree has so many benefits on its own – even just one tree planted can make a big impact to the global ecosystem.  What about when we get many of them together, you know, like in a forest?

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Lessons in Nature – What We Can Learn From Trees

by Leah Feor June 24, 2016

Lesson in Nature Mindfulness Trees

Take a deep breath in….and now slowly exhale.  Going back to your breathing can be an excellent technique to relax and center yourself.

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Are You Interested in Learning More About Sustainability?

by Leah Feor June 20, 2016

Are You Interested in Learning About Sustainability

As this word becomes further integrated into our daily vocabulary, it’s important to make sure that we are all on the same page.

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When it Comes to Sustainability, Walking the Talk is Key

by Leah Feor June 17, 2016


The word sustainability is new to some, perhaps even perceived as a buzzword – a word that comes and goes from people’s vocabulary depending on what’s trending.

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Measuring a Metric Ton

by Leah Feor June 14, 2016

Measuring a Metric Ton
Back in April, Matt wrote about reducing our
carbon footprints with tree planting. The numbers can get a little tricky when calculating our impact on the Earth, so here is a little bit of context on how to measure a metric ton.

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Trees Restore Economies

by Leah Feor June 13, 2016

Trees Restore Economies

“It all comes down to money” is something I hear often.  Yes, financial sustainability is important.  However, it isn’t the only variable in the equation.


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Trees Promote Good Health

by Leah Feor June 10, 2016

Trees Promote Good Health

Since a large percentage of the population in many countries are urban dwellers, it is important to bring green space to city centers. 

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Trees clean air

by Leah Feor May 31, 2016

Trees Clean Air

For over ten years now I’ve been actively engaged in sustainability and environmentally conscious movements. A series of moments woke me up, and I became aware that I can make a difference on this planet.

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