Are You Up For a Challenge?

July 01, 2016 2 min read

Million Tree Challenge

A tree has so many benefits on its own – even just one tree planted can make a big impact on the global ecosystem.

What about when we get many of them together, you know, like in a forest?

Trees become even more productive when they are part of a network.  When trees are planted together, they work alongside each other, amplifying their impact. 

I believe the same to be true of individuals. On our own, we can only accomplish so much.  If we work in teams, we will get that much further ahead in getting the job done.

For One Tree Planted, our job is planting trees.  And while the organization has been planting one tree at a time for over two years now, we are ready to supersize the orders.

That’s why we are calling out to businesses to join our organization in a Million Tree Challenge.  For $2,000, your business can plant 2,000 trees, and be part of the 500 company network that takes a challenge, and makes it a possibility.

Collaborate with companies near and far, leading by example - together acting on climate.

One Tree Planted is built on the principle of “Sustainability made Simple”, giving a voice to companies and organizations that are bound and determined to give back to the Earth any way they can.

In two short years, this small non-profit has covered a lot of ground in the world of reforestation, mobilizing efforts across the globe.

The reality though, there is still a long way to go.  Forest loss is still exceeding forest gain on a worldwide scale.  Old growth forests are still being bulldozed to make way for mono-crops and urbanization.

Our work is far from done.  We need more and more trees to help absorb the carbon dioxide that is warming the Earth.  These trees enrich our environment, making a positive impact globally.  We need more awareness about the risks of deforestation for short-term gain, and more engagement in the process of reforestation.

That means we need you.  All of you.  Companies, schools, individuals, and grassroots organizations.  Let’s come together, and plant the seed for a greener tomorrow.

So, are you up for the challenge?