Have You Watched The Biggest Story Of Our Time?

October 14, 2016 2 min read

Years of Living Dangerously

When you turn on the TV there is always a mix of fiction and non-fiction to choose from.  To add to that selection – since the turn of the millennium – Reality TV has grown in popularity.

But what about the type of Reality TV that opens our eyes to stories that were historically portrayed as fiction?  The kind of TV series that sheds light on our reality, one that depicts a story which in the past we might have only feared in the world of fiction.

When the National Geographic Channel teamed up with strong crew of Hollywood producers, writers, actors, and storytellers, Years of Living Dangerously came to life on screen.  A documentary series with episodes that touch upon real life issues with an element of optimism and humor uplifting our spirits as we venture off to take the challenge to collaboratively Act on Climate.

Global warming and climate change have become focal points amidst many real life disasters around the world.  No matter where you are located on Earth; you are likely feeling the impact.  That being said, we are all feeling it a little differently. 

Season One brought real stories of droughts, deforestation, forest fires, extreme weather, fossil fuels, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels.  Season Two – which debuts on October 30th – will pick up where the last one left off, and the lineup looks amazing.

In light of how Nature is coming to head with humanity, this series comes at an optimal time.  The Caribbean and Eastern US populations recently experienced a heavy and catastrophic hurricane that wreaked havoc on communities near and far.  To display the interconnectedness of our Earth, this Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane originated from a Tropical Wave off the coast of Africa.

While people so often come together in times of need, it is imperative that we become proactive rather than reactive.  For example, despite Cuba and Haiti being incredibly close geographically, the political climate varies greatly.  This attributed to a large variance between the numbers of deaths resulting once the storm hit land.  One nation was organized and ready, the other, not so much.

Years of Living Dangerously showcases a new perspective on real problems and viable solutions.  Watch any episode and you will see.  Now is the time to Act on Climate, and it starts with each of us.  The questions is clear: are you ready to make the change?