May 05, 2017 2 min read

One of the things that makes One Tree Planted unique is that we are able to accommodate donations big and small, plant in a variety of regions in need, and can be flexible with unconventional requests.

So when VistaJet came along specifying that they want to plant 20,000 trees, 5,000 in each of our 4 main regions – North America, South America, Asia, and Africa – we were thrilled for the positive impact this will make in the world. 

VistaJet is a private jet airline, serving heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who travel often. They fly to over 187 countries and provide a seamless travel experience with maximum efficiency, comfort, and style. Being a forward-thinking and conscious company, the team at VistaJet realized that air travel has an effect on the environment.

Air travel produces the most carbon emissions, as compared to other modes of transportation. However, planting trees helps to offset those carbon emissions because trees absorb carbon – not immediately while they are saplings, but exponentially over time as they grow.

Of course trees have many other benefits too! They filter water, create habitats for wildlife, regulate climate, contribute to human health and wellbeing, support local economies, and much more. We could geek out on the many reasons we love trees all day but we’ll stop here for now.

VistaJet’s first contrition went to our Earth Day planting in Colorado, and their next donation will support our upcoming efforts in Kenya.



Here’s to planting a world full of trees together.

Want to get involved? Learn more about business partnership for reforestation, become a Tree Ambassador or plant in the region of your choice.

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