One Tree Planted & IDEAS For Us Partner for 30 Projects across 10 Countries

Meaghan Weeden | June 25, 2021 | 3 min read
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Reforestation and Community Restoration Around the World

We're thrilled to share that we've partnered with grassroots nonprofit IDEAS for Us to support over 30 projects across 10 countries over the next several months. The projects are a combination of targeted eco-actions in Florida and tree planting, garden installation and shoreline restoration events in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The initiative will kick off on June 26th in Orlando, FL, where volunteers will plant fruit trees at a community garden. 

From IDEAS for Us Chief Branch Manager Kristin Anderson:
"IDEAS For Us is honored to be partnering with One Tree Planted in creating boots on the ground eco action projects internationally! These projects range from reforestation events to community garden installations and so many more that will work to inspire individuals while improving ecological and human health around the world. We are proud to be working with One Tree Planted to equip communities to implement long term climate solutions globally."

Here are a few project highlights:

IDEAS for us schoolchildren garden

Expanding School Gardens in Rwanda 

On August 14th and 17th, 60 volunteers will plant 1200 plants and 40 trees to install 4 school gardens at 3 primary schools and 1 high school in rural areas of Rwanda's Northern and Southern provinces. The vegetables planted will include carrots, tomatoes, beans and peas, and the fruits will include avocados, pineapple and passionfruit. This combination of fruit trees and vegetables will improve the nutrition and wellbeing of the students — and by filling their bellies with nutritious food, the gardens will also improve their concentration in school. In addition, students will be educated on sustainable farming practices, gaining job skills and learning how to grow their own food.

The ecological benefits will include increased habitat for biodiversity, including wildlife and insects + food for pollinators, which in turn will increase crop growth over time.

IDEAS for us uganda community

Replanting Royal Hill in Kasese, Uganda

On August 20th, 20 volunteers will plant 700 trees to restore 0.4 ha of land on Royal Hill in Kasese, Uganda. Royal Hill is severely degraded, with significant soil erosion and water run-off that pollutes nearby water sources and destroys infrastructure. This has driven the silting of nearby Lake George and pollution the Nyamwamba river, which provides drinking water to the residents of Nyamwamba division of Kasese Municipality.

The native tree species to be planted are Albizia and Markhamia lutea, both of which are rich in nitrogen fixing bacteria, grow canopies that protect other plants from direct sunlight, provide habitat for savanna birds, provide local medicines and more. Over time, as the new trees grow and the hill is restored, fish stocks in lake George will increase, soil erosion will decrease, water quality will improve, high ambient temperatures will be reduced, wildlife habitat will be restored, and the local economy will be stimulated by ecotourism.

IDEAS for us florida riparian restoration

Shoreline Restoration with native plant plantings in Orlando, Florida

On July 17th, 20 volunteers will plant 1500 shoreline plants and 10-20 trees at Lake Jessup, an at-risk ecosystem with pollution and frequent algal blooms. Tree species planted will include native free floating aquatic plants like duck potato, arrowhead, cordgrass, aquatic milkweed and pickleweed. They'll also plant Bald Head cypress trees to increase the ecosystem interaction. 
Aquatic plants help slow the flow of toxic runoff caused by impermeable cement, reduce shoreline erosion, create riparian buffers that release the water at flow rates and frequencies similar to natural conditions, filter freshwater back into the ecosystem, and more. Lake Jessup also serves as a retention pond (basins that catch runoff from areas in higher elevations). Restoring the riparian buffer zone around it will reduce the impact on downstream stormwater systems and serve the surrounding community by protecting their freshwater supply.

IDEAS for us planting tree

About IDEAS for Us

IDEAS For Us (IDEAS) is an Orlando-based 501(c)(3) grassroots non-profit organization and accredited NGO of the United Nations. IDEAS creates global environmental solutions through local action. Their mission is to develop ideas, fund action, and scale solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Their vision is to contribute to a future where humanity thrives in harmony with nature and in peace with one another. Learn more at

About One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after forest fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

The interconnectedness of ecosystems and their living organisms means that millions of species depend on each other for survival. Reforestation is a vital strategy for restoring biodiversity habitat. Learn more

With your help, we will:

  • Protect endangered species by increasing forest cover
  • Restore holistic ecosystems for a range of flora and fauna
  • Improve soil stability by restoring degraded areas
  • Everything on Earth is connected. As we lose habitat, we also lose biodiversity. This is where trees come in: reforestation helps to restore at-risk ecosystems and habitats, ultimately increasing food supply, health, and overall well-being. Your donation will help to restore forest cover around the world. Reforesting these areas will aid in the protection of endangered species, restoration of holistic ecosystems, and the improvement of soil stability.
  • By planting trees, we help create a safe haven for biodiversity, impacting all of life on Earth. The restoration of degraded ecosystems will also result in improved soil stability, ultimately improving forest cover as a whole!
  • personalized tree certificate (see gallery) to say thanks for your donation. We'll also send you reports about our Biodiversity projects, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the ground!
  • Every tree we plant will have an impact on the surrounding ecosystem, and must be selected with great care. We work with our planting partners to ensure the species we select will provide the intended benefits for wildlife and communities.

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