Indian Village Plants 111 Trees For Every Newborn Girl

July 21, 2015 1 min read

Like in much of the eastern world, birthing a son ispreferred, but this village has decided to do something extraordinary to save the lives of newborn girls and ensure they have a promising future- for themselves and the planet


Whenever a girl is born in the Piplantri village she is given 31,000 Rupees (21,000 from villagers and 10,000 from her parents) and an affidavit signed by her parents. This guarantees that she will be given a formal education, that she will only be married once she reaches the age of majority and that the trees planted in her honour will be care for. 


The villagers work together taking care of the trees, planting aloe vera around them to fight off pests. They also sell aloe products they make and redistribute the money into the village. They have become almost completely self-sustaining.  In the last 6 years, more then a quarter of a million fruit trees have been planted, allowing future generations to have a beautiful and peaceful place to live.