July 16, 2020 3 min read

#MakeAForest with One Tree Planted! 

Are you creative? Do you like making videos to spread a positive message? Have you mastered the art of TikTok? If you said yes to any if these questions then help us #MakeAForest on TikTok!

TikTokers are challenged to make a forest using your own unique creativity. Whether it’s creating the illusion of a forest from inanimate objects, unusual makeup techniques, or magically transforming an indoor space into a wild jungle, interpret the theme in your own way! But wait, there's MORE.

We will plant a tree every video uploaded to TikTok with #MakeAForest and @onetreeplanted through the end of July.

We are also very excited to announce that this campaign will be featured on the Discover page on TikTok so we are expecting to plant A LOT of trees! Up to 200,000 trees in fact. So if you are an aspiring video creator, this will be a great opportunity to show off your creative skills for a great cause.

toy in forest


Use what you've got to create the illusion of a forest. Plants, pencils, vegetables can all be arranged in unique ways. Or you can draw or paint, use clothes or plastic bottles, ribbons or string, cardboard or books, just look around and imagine a forest. Then make it, film it, and post it on TikTok.

Here are the details:

  • Upload your video to TikTok between July 18th-31st
  • Be sure to tag @onetreeplanted and use #MakeAForest, we can't plant your tree if we can't find your video! :)

Not gifted with words? We've got you covered with some prewritten messaging options:

  1. I decided to #MakeAForest with @onetreeplanted. Every video plants a tree! 🌲
  2. #MakeAForest for a good cause, here’s mine! @onetreeplanted will plant a tree in the great outdoors 🌲
  3. You can basically #MakeAForest with anything, like mine? Make yours and @onetreeplanted will plant a tree for you! 🌲
Celery Forest by Erin Sullivan @erinoutdoors created for One Tree Planted and #MakeAForest

Need more inspiration?

We've got you covered! Here are some more ideas.

woman leaves

Indoor Jungle 

Get all your plants together to create a jungle oasis full of vibrant greenery. 

woman fairy forest

Create a Forest Look

Is your face your canvas? Turn it into a forest! Use makeup and props to transform your look.

house plant


Who doesn't love a good do it yourself project? Find a way to make a forest and show us how it's done! 



Put those photography skills to good use and show us how you capture a faux forest!

amazon rainforest

 Visual Storytelling 

Is there an important forest story you want to tell? Can you say it with kale or some other creative scenery?

Where will these Trees be Planted?

These trees will contribute to the Wildlife Habitat & Corridor Restoration Project in the Albertine Rift as part of our partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute! This effort will plant more than three million trees, supporting long-term and large-scale restoration in a very unique ecoregion full of biodiversity in western Uganda. This will also support the habitats of endangered chimpanzees, all while working with local communities. So get those creative juices flowing. Together, we can turn TikTok into a forest! We cannot wait to see the creative ideas you come up with.

We plant trees on 4 continents around the world. Want to choose where yours are planted?

by Kaylee Brzezinski 

Sustainability Maven