December 20, 2019 2 min read

'Tis The Season to Be Jolly... and Drink Cocktails! ūüćĻ

Trees provide us with the oxygen we breathe, the shade on our path, and the necessary supplies to make bourbon. Many of the ingredients we find in cocktail creations - such as fruits, seeds, nuts, and leaves - come from trees! To fully appreciate the bounty that trees provide for us, our amazing reforestation partners at Noble Oak have put together some delicious tree-inspired cocktails you can try at your next social gathering.

Here are the recipes so that you can become a true holiday mixologist!

Stirred Cocktails 

Light on the mixers and gentle on the stir to combine all your tree sourced ingredients with a perfect amount of dilution from the ice, made from water that was likely filtered by a tree along the way.

Shaken Cocktails 

At the heart of every shaken cocktail is a healthy squeeze of citrus. Let us not neglect that withouttrees, there are no lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits to give us the citric zip and balance upon which nearly half of modern mixology is built. Not to mention the vast majority of the fruit flavors that make cocktails taste amazing.

Some of us look forward to presents during the holidays and some of us just can't wait for the festive cocktails! Let's be honest, after hours of walking around searching for the perfect holiday gifts you'll be ready to kick up your feet and enjoy a festive spirit. Or you can multi-task, while you sip on your tree-sourced cocktail download our new app so you can make an impact while you shop! If you're still looking for last minute gift ideas why not gift trees for your friends and family?

Special thanks to Noble Oak for these awesome recipes, and for planting so many trees with us!

We plant trees on 4 continents around the world. Want to choose where yours are planted?

by Kaylee Brzezinski

Nature Enthusiast 

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