What is Corporate
Social Responsibility?

Meaghan Weeden | February 11, 2021 | 4 min read


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business model that allows companies to integrate social and environmental responsibility directly into their operations + practices. CSR is self-regulated and is a great opportunity for companies to make a positive impact and establish themselves as leaders in this growing space. And it pays off — studies show that the majority of consumers prefer to purchase environmentally friendly products. 

Although the term Corporate Social Responsibility emphasizes corporations, businesses of any size can be socially responsible and leverage their efforts with their audiences. In fact, we've helped thousands of businesses achieve their sustainability goals, improve credibility, and grow a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. 

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So how does it work?

Because CSR is voluntary and every company is different, there's no one way to incorporate social responsibility into your business. Some companies weave it into the very fabric of their practices and goals, while others create unique CSR programs that align with their purpose and values. And as long as the actions aim to benefit environmental, social, and economic sustainability and are guided by solid ethics and transparency, that's perfectly alright.

Many businesses that work with us adopt a simple One-for-One model, which is a great way to get started! This can mean anything from planting one tree for every product or service sold to donating a percentage of sales, setting up a recurring donation, or tying tree planting to social media campaigns. Other options include joining larger initiatives, encouraging employee engagement, sponsoring tree planting events, and more.

Here's how some companies approach it:

save the planet


  • Using renewable energy to power production facilities
  • Retrofitting office buildings to improve energy efficiency
  • Building low-impact supply chains + distribution processes
  • Using biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Planting trees for every product sold
humane treatment of workers


  • Supporting local causes and sponsoring community events
  • Ethically sourcing raw materials throughout supply chains
  • Engaging employees with quality volunteer opportunities
  • Being transparent with all stakeholders
environmentally friendly products


  • Balancing the impacts of short and long-term investments over time
  • Creating products with quality materials that are built to last
  • Investing in your business by greening up infrastructure, updating policies, and adjusting protocols as new technologies become available
  • Promoting a supportive corporate culture to improve employee retention
  • Investing in your employees by providing ongoing opportunities for training and improvement
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Looking to incorporate CSR and become a more sustainable business? Sign up your business and become an official One Tree Planted reforestation partner today!

Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

As the need for reforestation is global and ever-changing, we feature where trees are most needed now. Today, we're raising funds to jumpstart forest fire recovery in British Columbia. Learn more

With your help, we will:

  • Restore landscapes damaged by a historic season of wildfires
  • Create habitat for iconic biodiversity like the moose and grizzly bear
  • Support old-growth management areas to maintain complex ecosystems
  • This reforestation initiative is helping to restore the landscape in British Columbia after the Hanceville fire burned over 590,000 acres in 2017 and natural regeneration has not occurred. The fire has impacted the forest, soils, riparian ecosystems, wildlife, and water quality. Local indigenous communities have seen their ability to hunt and gather food drastically altered. But your support will go a long way! The goal of planting trees here is to not only re-establish a healthy forest, but also to plant species that will be resilient in the face of climate change. Thank you so much for your support of healthy forests! 🌲
  • Planting trees will catalyze the process of returning the area to a forested state. Newly planted trees will begin the process of sequestering atmospheric carbon, and over time improve the hydrological benefits of the forest. The ecosystems that have been greatly simplified by extreme fire conditions will once again become complex ecosystems, This project will also create habitat for many local wildlife species including mule deer, moose, black and grizzly bear, wolves, sandhill cranes, various raptors, songbirds, and small mammals.
  • A personalized tree certificate (see gallery) to say thanks for your donation. We'll also send you updates about this project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.
  • B.C.'s rich forest diversity includes more than 40 different species of native trees, with some of Canada’s most interesting and valuable tree species. In this project, we made efforts to maximize species diversity, including the following species: Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, hybrid spruce, ponderosa pine, trembling aspen.

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