November 07, 2017 1 min read

Some of the best stories we hear are those that happen when individuals or groups gather the motivation to do something positive for the environment. In the case of this story, we are blown away by just how thoughtfully and successfully a group of teachers and kids carried out a fundraising effort that raised over $1,000 for One Tree Planted!

You can read their full, original account here, but we'll share a few of the highlights.

Zenshow is an after-school program based in New York that teaches Japanese language skills, Ikebana, and an appreciation of nature to children. In the spring, during the first part of this curriculum, they conducted "Ikebana hiking" where children made flower arrangements in nature, following Ikebana style guidelines, while preserving the natural environment and learning about conservation.

During summer break, some of the older children traveled to Japan where they participated in a Junior Ikebana festival. While there, the group set a goal of raising $1,000 for One Tree Planted in order to help with reforestation and to create a greener world for all children. They decided to create a “Charity mini moss bonsai” to sell at the “Japan Festival.” It was such a huge success that they raised a total of $1,127 and sent us the sweetest letter of gratitude. To everyone at Zenshow, the gratitude is all ours. THANK YOU!

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