We can plant a tree for your company for every product sold, or any ratio of trees to products sold depending on your business model. Let us know how we can work with your company and what region you would like trees to be planted.


Looking for a new way to get your employees involved and engaged. Start a Tree Fundraiser with your company and get your employees to volunteer to help plant trees in your community and support a region in need.


Help plant one million trees this year in the United States with the USFS to help forest restoration efforts. Plant 2000 trees and get your company listed as a partner of this effort.

Million Tree Challenge

500 Companies committed to helping plant 2000 trees per year. For every dollar donated by your company, one tree will be planted in the United States with the United States Forestry Department. 

Planting trees with us is a simple and cost effective way of having a direct impact on the environment. This challenge is perfect for businesses that are looking for new approaches to increase their sustainability initiatives. 



reforestation micro-project

Example of a project your company can help with:

State: California
National Forest: Tahoe
District: Truckee
Tree Species: Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Incense Pine
Number of Trees: 7 800
History: In August of 2014 the Truckee Ranger District experienced an 82 acre wildfire that burned near the historic Boca Town site ob the banks of the Truckee River. The fire burned on ESE facing the slopes, fueled by winds and topography. Approximately 18 acres of the fire burned on grass/shrub lands and the remaining 57 acres burning in forest land. Reforestation on this particular site will provide several benefits including soil stabailization, wildlife habitat improvement, recreational enhancement and increase visual and aesthetic value.