You don't have to learn any complicated mathematical formulas or use a carbon footprint calculator to determine your carbon footprint. This is the down and dirty.

1) The average North American's impact is 20 metric tons of carbon per year. What the heck is a metric tone of carbon you may ask? I will tell you later.

2) Your carbon footprint comes from 4 main components which are housing, transportation, food and your consumption of products & services

3) Your floor, no matter how much you try and reduce your impact is 8.5 metric tones. The average is 20 and if your a jet setter, corporate executive, family of 8 you can reach 30 metric tons.

4) Lets take the average then of 20 tons. 1 tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon per year. I have no clue how many pounds are in 1 tone, but I did the math for you, 2204 pounds are in 1 tone.

5) If you divide 2204 into 48 you get 45.91666667. So round up and get 46 trees per year can absorb 1 tone of carbon dioxide. 46 trees x 20 tons = 920 trees. That's a lot of trees.