You have the power to create a greener world

From social media to fundraising, there are endless ways to make your mark

Creating a world full of trees is going to take a lot more than saplings and dirt. It takes passion and drive, funding, collaboration, creativity, and stewardship. Choose an option below that feels right for you. We'll take care of the rest.


One dollar = 1 tree planted

Give for immediate impact 

For the cost of two movie tickets, you could help plant a mini-forest. Every tree contributes to cleaner air and water, biodiversity, and sequestering carbon - creating a healthier world for all, and mitigating climate change. 

Donations go directly to planting trees where they are needed most. One dollar, one tree. It's that simple.

Inspire contribution 

Creating your own fundraising campaign is easy. Use our platform to customize your page and share why planting trees matters. 

If you inspire just one person to donate $20, that'll absorb over 200 extra pounds of carbon per year!


For your birthday, and your planet


Bring your community together

Plant your own trees

Become an Ambassador for One Tree Planted by organizing a tree-planting initiative in your community. Our Ambassador Starter Kit will give you all the details for getting started.

This is a great way to bring people together, connect with the earth, and challenge yourself in a new way. 

Spread the word

You can be an Ambassador for One Tree Planted simply by telling your friends and family that you support what we do. Yes, social media counts.

Visit our share page all the ways you can help spread our mission of education, awareness, and engagement with reforestation.



Your values are at your fingertips