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how it works

  1. Fill out the application form to your left to become a Reforestation Partner
  2. One Dollar plants one tree. - click here to see what it cost to plant a tree
  3. Once approved, use our reforestation partner logo on your website to promote how your company is helping the environment. Use social channels to promote as you like. - you will receive access to logos after signup process.
  4. You can pay for trees by sending funds to us monthly or quarterly for how many trees you want us to plant.
    -  there are no minimums of trees required to plant with us.
    - funds can be paid online by credit card, PayPal, cheque, or bank transfer
  5. Your company receives a tree certificate for trees planted and project description report on region, types of trees planted.
  6. Tree Planting seasons vary depending on regions, funds allocated go to our partners in the field and we receive project updates and photos from the field and send to you.
  7. Send us your company logo and we will post it on our Reforestation Partners Page after you have met the goal of planting 500 trees.
  8. Need special customized graphics to help your cause, let us know and we can help.