We are offering exceptional school kits for your school to enjoy. These school skits are designed so that you can use for all types of classes. Tree terminology, tree crosswords, tree activity sheets, fun facts about trees, tree info graphs, videos, tree planting exercises, scavenger hunter and many other cool educational materials will be provided that students will love while they learn about the environment.

We provide materials that your school can use to increase your sustainability initiatives. Become a Tree Ambassador at your school and help promote the importance of trees; receive a free t-shirt and complete school starter kit with A-Z checklist to start your sustainability program, infographic posters, tree certificates and great fundraising ideas.

Schools can get physically involved with our Forest Fundraiser. We offer an exciting program that intakes three fun activities for the students and staff members. The students will be given an earth kit. This earth kit contains tree pods that the students can sell to friends and family. There will be a one week challenge, as well as the opportunity to adopt a tree.

OneTreePlanted offers students and teachers a truly unique, once in a lifetime humanitarian experience. Costa Rica is known for their spectacular landscapes, providing almost limitless educational opportunities for your tour. Human activity in a developing country allows your students to witness this fascinating culture first-hand.

Explore the diversity this country has to offer, from the bustling urban city of San José to the rural district of La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano. The trip is organized with exciting activities and leisure time.

Our quick, online quote form allows our specialists to provide you with a bespoke quotation for a trip tailor-made to your group’s individual requirements.


Participate with your school in the
-from Earth Hour to Earth Day

Earth Hour and Earth Day engages a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues and demonstrates support for environmental protection.