British Columbia


      • We will be planting part of the Boulder Creek fire in collaboration with the BC provincial governments Forest for Tomorrow and Forest Carbon initiatives programs. This important wilderness area is 2 hours drive north of Whistler BC known as a grizzly bear sanctuary and for its natural hot Springs.

        Donate a tree to Boulder Creek today to keep Canada’s forests thriving.

      • While some of those jobs include taking from the forest, replenishing those trees and giving back to it are vital to keep those jobs alive. Every tree planted helps to secure those opportunities for all Canadians in the long term.

      •  The trees in Canada will be planted in B.C, Ontario and Toronto.

      • You will receive with your donation:

        - Your Tree Certificate

        - Project Report

        - Photos and videos of your trees getting planted

        - Your Invoice and Tax Receipt 

      • Hey! Start your Forest Fundraising page here for Canada by creating a campaign and inviting your friends. 


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