• Guatemala’s forests are a crucial link in several biological corridors, including the MesoAmerican Biological Corridor, and connecting forests from the southern Mexico to Honduras and El Salvador.

  • Almost 40% of its forests are primary landscapes, and the country boasts a total 271 million metric tons of carbon stocks in living forest biomass. Though well known for its vast tropical forests filled with Mayan pyramids in the north, Guatemala’s southern forests on the Pacific coast were historically decimated and replaced with coffee and sugar cane. Now, Guatemala has over one million hectares of available land it could harness for reforestation.

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  • Tropical deforestation is one of the greatest threats to life on our planet, but New Roots Foundation has identified a solution embedded within the wake of this issue; sustainable community forests that fill the global demand for lumber while filling unused land. New Roots Foundation has seized the opportunity to help replant Guatemalan community forests with valuable hardwoods alongside sustainable cacao, therefore increasing the land value of these communities by millions of dollars over a period of a single generation. We work in communities who trust us, in ways that are environmentally friendly and improve livelihoods.

  •  Our trees are planted on indigenous communities in two forested regions of Guatemala: the northwest region of Huehuetenango and the Pacific south coast of Escuintla.

  • You will receive with your donation:

    - Your Tree Certificate

    - Project Report

    - Photos and videos of your trees getting planted

    - Your Invoice and Tax Receipt

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