• Kenya’s forests are in dire state, creating more and more challenges for its citizens every year. With only 1.7% forest cover remaining, deforestation is damaging the Kenyan economy, spreading disease and increasing poverty levels. According to the United Nations, the disappearance of trees has decreased river flow during dry seasons, costing the nation over $17 billion and causing widespread power outages. 

    Every tree donated to Kenya has a profound impact on the country's ecosystem. Tree planting in Kenya is more cost-efficient than in any other region, meaning that your dollar goes further towards the upkeep and protection of new forests. Donate today to fight for new life in Kenya!

  • Planting trees is the easiest way to make a big impact in the lives of those who need help in Kenya. Trees in the Mau Forest Complex and along Mount Elgon store water during the rainy season that becomes vital during the dry seasons. With more that survive through the summer months, more farms throughout Kenya will have water to keep their crops alive. That means more Kenyan farmers that continue to have a steady income, as well as a national economy that can continue to grow. 

    For individuals, this means a world of difference. Having that steady income has given families the chance to buy clean water, provide food, and educate their children. Most importantly, these families are gaining independent, sustainable livelihoods that will give them the tools to succeed for decades to come. Please check out our video on Elizabeth, one of many Komaza farmers affected by our joint reforestation efforts.

  • Komaza has been an amazing partner in Kenya, planting to the highest standards in order to ensure the success of its projects. Aside from merely planting pre-existing species of trees in the region, Komaza has created entire forests of drought-resistant trees throughout Kenya in order to better deal with its harsh climate. The organization’s founder, Trevis Howard, has been awarded a Rainer Arnhold Fellowship to pursue his outstanding work.

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