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Three New Nurseries Launch Across Australia for Bushfire Recovery

Jesse Lewis | October 28, 2020 | 4 min read

One Tree Planted and a coalition of local partners are inaugurating three new nursery sites across Australia. The first two nurseries were inaugurated this week!

With the support of One Tree Planted, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, the charity partner for Australia’s National Parks, has awarded Bushfire Recovery Nursery grants to three sites across Australia. This is the first stage in a shared mission to plant one million trees over the next five years in response to the severe impact of the 2019/2020 bushfires.

As part of a ‘Healing Our Land’ global emergency appeal, the new nurseries will propagate native seedlings and restore wildlife habitats as part of a larger effort to help Australia recover from the bushfires. In order to better acclimate seedlings and replant forests regionally, the first nursery locations will be in New South Wales (NSW), the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and South Australia (SA).

Seedlings will be established from indigenous tree species in each of the sites and planted in national parks across Australia, as well as other public and private lands that have been affected by bushfires. 

Watch the Video to Learn More About Our Bushfire Nursery Project

A Landscape Level Approach

This week the first nursery was launched in Windsor, NSW. The grant awarded to the Hawkesbury Community Nursery will extend its capacity to 45,000 trees, which will be vital in supporting the recovery of Wollemi National Park and the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Over 80% of these sites were devastated during the recent bushfire season. Funding will also be allocated to provide leveling and drainage to the expanded area, for water supply tanks and other essentials required for long-term productivity.

woman potting seedling tree at australia tree nurserycloseup of tree seedling at australia tree nursery
overhead shot of one australia seedling nursery
people at nursery preparing seedling pots at australia tree nursery
tea tree seedling trees at australia nursery
woman pushing cart filled with tree seedlings at australia nursery

The second nursery site that launched this week is in Aranda, ACT. The grant awarded to One Tree Planted partner Greening Australia will extend the capacity of its current nursery by 40,000 trees, resulting in 160,000 trees. This will be a major step in supporting the recovery of the South Coast to Gippsland Corridor, with funding also allocated towards upgrades to irrigation systems, nursery benches and trolleys, as well as essential planting supplies.

Next week the third nursery will be inaugurated in Yankalilla, SA. The grant awarded to the District Council of Yankalilla will extend the capacity of its current community nursery by 25,000 seedlings, to plant a total of 40,000 trees. This will be a major step in supporting the recovery of the Mount Lofty to Kangaroo Island Connection and assisting with the severe bushfire vegetation recovery on Kangaroo Island. Another key focus for the community nursery will be to grow the Drooping She-oak and other native plants as part of habitat and food source recovery for the Glossy Black Cockatoo. 

Twenty Five Million Trees to Restore Australia

These new nurseries are just the tip of the iceberg in our tree planting efforts to help restore Australia! In September, One Tree Planted helped plant 20,000 trees in Arthursleigh in the NSW Southern Highlands, supported by landowner the University of Sydney. This planting inaugurated the start of a larger multi-year collaboration to establish an astounding 25 million native trees across Australia.

This ambitious environmental project is one of the largest in Australia’s history and is a collaboration between pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s global AZ Forest initiative, One Tree Planted, and the Global EverGreening Alliance’s Restore Australia program, supported by Ark2030. Local partner Greening Australia will plant five million trees per year in priority locations across Australia to reach a total of 25 million trees by 2025.

The project will cover approximately 20,000 hectares of land, equivalent to one-quarter of the city of Canberra in size, and create habitat for dozens of endangered species. It is estimated that collectively these trees will sequester approximately 4.25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 25-year crediting period, equivalent to the emissions produced by 920,000 cars running for an entire year. 

closeup of hands potting seedling tree at australia tree nurserycloseup shot of seedling tree at australia tree nursery
closeup shot of seedling trees australia
project partners holding seedling trees at australia nursery
seedling trees at australia nursery
man filling seedling pots with soil at australia seedling tree nursery

Restoring Wildlife Habitat in Southwest Australia

Over on the other side of the continent, One Tree Planted is also involved in restoration efforts. Working with the South West Catchments Council, the peak natural resource body in the region, approximately 51,241 native trees were planted earlier this year across nine sites.

The south west is a biodiversity hotspot. Tall native forests of jarrah, kauri and eucalyptus trees blanket this corner of Australia. Additionally, over 7,000 vascular plants occur here, almost 80% of which are endemic and found nowhere else. Many rare animals are also found in the south west, and a big focus of this planting project has been to restore habitat for endangered species.

As part of this effort approximately 4,484 native seedlings were planted to improve habitat for the endangered Western ringtail possum, and create a wildlife corridor for the benefit of native marsupials such as Chuditch (Western quoll) and Woylies (Brush-tailed betong), both endangered. Meanwhile, some 33,615 seedlings were planted at another site around Lake Toolibin. Located in Wheatbelt, Western Australia this RAMSAR listed wetland offers important habitat to a number of migratory birds.

In 2021, One Tree Planted has committed to planting over 500,000 trees in this special region of Western Australia, including areas that were impacted by the Black Summer bushfires. 

Restoring Australia

We are so honored to be involved in these efforts to restore Australia’s forests and wildlife habitats after the tragedy of the Black Summer Bushfires - all thanks to our incredible donors. Australia has a long road to restoration ahead, but we are taking the journey together with so many strong supporters. If you would like to support these initiatives, plant a tree in Australia today.

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