• Africa faces a daunting wood supply crisis. With booming populations and accelerating economies, most regions consume much more wood than they grow. Wood prices are climbing, and surging deforestation is an environmental tragedy. And with land becoming scarce, expansion of large plantation forestry cannot keep up.

    Africa is the world's largest consumer of wood, with demand expected to double over the next 20 years. Unfortunately, many natural forests have already been cut down, and plantations are unable to meet demand due to limited land, high costs, and risks. This leads to wood imports from other parts of the world, creating skyrocketing costs, poverty, greater carbon emissions from transport, and environmentally unsustainable practices. Donate today to help keep Kenya's forests alive!

  • The impact of donating to Kenya goes beyond the normal benefits of trees. Aside from cooling the area, providing a habitat for local wildlife and filtering water, trees that are carefully planted can help prevent the devastating forest fires that the region suffers from. We help provide farmers with a comprehensive suite of products and services to earn income by growing trees. Plant in Kenya today to help create sustainable forests for years to come! 

  •  We work closely with small farmers,land and labor resources to plant thousands of trees in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.

  • You will receive with your donation:

    - Your Tree Certificate

    - Project Report

    - Photos and videos of your trees getting planted

    - Your Invoice and Tax Receipt

  • Hey! Start your Forest Fundraising page here for Kenya's forests by creating a campaign and inviting your friends. 


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