• Australia experienced one of the largest natural disasters in history. This year's fire season has brought about unprecedented destruction as wildfires have spread across every Australian state, burning up nearly 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of bush as of January 2020. But the devastation witnessed in the state of New South Wales is nearly unfathomable - 3.6 million hectares (8.8 million acres) have been lost, over 1,500 homes destroyed or damaged, and 24 people have been killed. New South Wales is home to some of the most iconic of Australia's wildlife - koalas, wombats, and kangaroos to name a few - and their habitat is rapidly declining.
  • At the moment, the focus in Australia is on assessing the impact they have had on local communities and environments. Plenty of support will be needed to restore this landscape back to health.

    While trees for this project will not go in the ground until the fires have ceased and the soil is ready for plantation, your support will help make sure we’re ready to hit the ground running and repair the country’s beautiful and iconic landscape once planting is possible. We’re expecting to have the ability to contribute to the restoration of over 6 million trees across the country in 2021 thanks to our generous donors’ ongoing support.
  • A personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates on our Australian project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.
  • Our partner has chosen trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the region. This includes various types of native trees and companion plants, depending on the specific needs of each section of habitat being restored across New South Wales and Australia.

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Reforestation in Australia

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With over 123 million hectares of native forests, Australia has the seventh largest forest area in the world making up three per cent of the Earth’s forests. The forests found here are some of the most unique and varied in the world ranging from ancient Gondwana rainforest and tropical mangroves to extensive bush lands made up of native acacia, melaleuca and eucalyptus trees.
The combination of low precipitation and record high temperatures during Australia’s most recent (2019–20) season, resulted in dramatic wildfires across the country that drew global attention. It is estimated that as many as 480 million animals were killed in the fires. For example, some 8,000 koalas may have perished in last year’s bushfires, and the loss of eucalyptus trees and water supply will continue to affect them as recovery slowly starts to take place. About 30% of their key habitat has been destroyed. 

Australia’s forests need active management in order to improve their health, protect wildlife and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires in the future. Our amazing reforestation partners work with local landowners, environmental organisations and government to improve the health and productivity of Australian forest and bush lands. 

As well as recovering fire-damaged lands, your support for reforestation in Australia will help restore native species that depend on these environments such as koalas, echidnas, sugar gliders and other wildlife found nowhere else in the world. 


Australian Wildlife - Koala


Restoring forests also means restoring habitat critical to conserving Australia's unique wildlife. Healthy forests ecosystems support higher biodiversity and are more resilient to the stressors of climate change.

Planting native tree species


Reforestation efforts assist native vegetation in growing back, while also improving soil quality, preventing erosion, and controlling invasive species - which can be particularly aggressive after forest fires without intervention.

Forest fire regeneration


Help us prevent bushfires in Australia from spreading catastrophically. Young, healthy forests can help suppress future wildfires and reduce the impact of smoke on public health and native ecosystems..


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