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The Grove is more than just a monthly giving program: it's a vibrant community of individuals who are dedicated to reforestation and environmental restoration.

By joining The Grove, you become part of a passionate group that is committed to planting trees regularly, fostering a global movement to heal our planet, one tree at a time.

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At $50 a month, your contribution nurtures the growth of around 600 trees a year, equivalent to planting an entire football field. Learn more

Cultivate a Brighter Future

A Mission to Grow a
Greener world

'The Grove,' One Tree Planted's monthly giving program, has a simple yet impactful goal: to empower everyone to support reforestation.

By joining 'The Grove,' you become part of this collective effort, uniting with One Tree Planted's mission to make environmental action accessible to all. Together, we're not just planting trees: we're restoring forests, nurturing biodiversity, and fostering positive global change. With every donation, you're not just sowing seeds: you're growing a greener, healthier world for those who will inherit the earth.

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Become Part of a Passionate Group

Join Us in Cultivating a Brighter Future

Become A Monthly Donor

Become Part of a Passionate Group

Join Us in Cultivating a Brighter Future


I am motivated to stick with The Grove because, after reading a huge number of articles and books, it became clear to me that one of the ways forward in reversing climate change is to plant trees. I’m not Bill Gates rich, so a modest monthly donation is my limit right now. I’d love to win the lottery and make a huge donation, but until that happens I feel good that I’m supporting such a great cause.


I give for all of the above. Trees are amazing, beautiful, and our essential carbon sinks for the planet. They clean the air we breathe, provide habitat for animals, and can be a renewable resource if managed properly. They're the best, thanks for reaching out!


I suppose I am choosing to make monthly donations to One Tree Planted in order to do my part in supporting reforestation and hopefully curb the effects of climate change in the coming decades.

I think the tree planting movement needs to market its usefulness more aggressively. I believe there are opinions that tree planting is not important for our future because trees take a long time to become mature, are not cared for after being planted, will be used for lumber in the future, etc. While these pitfalls should be addressed, I believe planting trees is important and can be a big part of the societal/cultural change required to slow/stop/reverse the effects of climate change.


I've been an eco-warrior way before it was cool, driven by a fierce love for our Earth, my community, and a relentless drive to make a difference. But let me tell you, when I started peeling back the layers of this climate change nightmare, it hit me hard. I want my babies to have a future. I want them to have a planet to enjoy.

So here's my vow: I'm doing everything in my power, and then some, to make sure my kids – and all the little dreamers out there – have a planet to call home. A place where they can chase their wildest dreams without the shadow of environmental doom hanging over their heads. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work, because our planet isn't going to save itself.


Create a ripple effect of positive change

The Impact of Your Donation

Your monthly donation through The Grove unlocks tremendous potential for environmental change. At $20 a month, your contribution nurtures the growth of approximately 240 trees a year, forming a small woodland — a thriving ecosystem in its own right. Scaling up to $50 a month, you're nurturing around 600 trees in one year, equivalent to planting an entire football field, revitalizing a large stretch of land. With a commitment of $100 a month, you're supporting the growth of nearly 1,200 trees a year — enough to cover almost 40 tennis courts — creating expansive woodlands, restoring biodiversity, and combating climate change.

20 trees a month: Appox. one small woodland

20 trees a month
Approx. one small woodland

50 trees a month: One entire football field

50 trees a month
One entire football field

100 trees a month: Almost forty tennis courts

100 trees a month
Almost forty tennis courts


20 trees a month
Approx. one small woodland


50 trees a month
One entire football field


100 trees a month
Almost forty tennis courts

Leave a Lasting Green Legacy

Why Join The Grove?

Joining The Grove means becoming part of the solution. You're not just planting trees; you're nurturing forests, habitats, and communities. By pledging a monthly donation, you can help to provide consistent support for reforestation projects that desperately need stability and resources.

The trees that you plant will leave a lasting green legacy for future generations.

Support livelihoods - man smiling holding tree saplings

Support Livelihoods

Joining The Grove goes beyond tree planting: it’s a direct lifeline for communities, smallholder farming families, and grassroots organizations that need our support now more than ever.

Your monthly commitment provides essential funding that goes directly to these groups, enabling them to restore their environment, create sustainable livelihoods, and cultivate a brighter future.

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Empower Local communities

By supporting reforestation projects, you're not just restoring nature: you're empowering local communities, fostering economic resilience, and promoting a harmonious relationship between people and the environment.

Your contribution ensures that these communities, many of whom are on the front lines of climate change, have the resources they need to thrive, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the trees planted.

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Empower local communities - group of women smiling with tree saplings
Shape a brighter future - field of trees

Shape a Brighter Future

Your commitment to this community isn't just about giving: it's about belonging to a movement that's reshaping our world for the better. Every donation you make plants the seeds of transformation, cultivating thriving ecosystems and fostering a global impact.

You're not just planting trees every month, you are the heartbeat, driving our mission forward. Your presence here makes an incredible difference, shaping a brighter, greener future. 

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Be a Part of the Solution

The Powerful Proof of a Grove Donor 

Sample Report

As with any of our projects, our monthly grove donors can look forward to receiving project updates with an in-depth look at the positive impact of their monthly contributions, including a deep dive into the social and ecological benefits and some notable metrics.

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Sample Report

Belong to a movement that's reshaping our world