Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

  • This incredible project is a the result of collaboration between One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute in order to help recover vital forests for chimpanzee habitat! The Albertine Rift is globally recognized as a biodiversity hotspot. It ranks first among 119 distinct terrestrial eco-regions of continental Africa in terms of endemic species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, and second in terms of globally threatened species. Over 50% of birds, 39% of mammals, 19% of amphibians, and 14% of reptiles and plants of mainland Africa reside in this region. This restoration project will take place in Uganda, and will plant and protect 3 million trees.The initiative will also restore degraded areas, promote agroforestry practices, and strengthen forest monitoring and law enforcement. It will also continue to support over 3,500 households in sustainable livelihoods. 

  • Chimpanzees are endangered in Uganda, and their population numbers have been shrinking for decades in each of the countries in which they still exist - they’ve already gone extinct in 4. From a population of over 1-2 million just a century ago, there are likely less than 300,000 in the wild today. As the human population grows, more and more forest land is being lost to firewood and agriculture in East Africa; inequity and unsustainable practices have also driven human populations to develop in essential chimpanzee habitats and degrade ecosystems through logging, mining, and other habitat conversion, putting chimpanzees in danger.

    As such, working with local communities to listen to needs and engage in supporting local ownership for sustainable development and conservation is core to this program - it is known as the ‘Tacare’ community-led approach developed by the Jane Goodall Institute. Such a program alongside reforestation and other habitat restoration activities are improving access to healthcare and family planning, providing micro-credit, sustainable livelihoods, forest monitoring, and natural resource management, all of which will help to protect vital great ape habitat!

  • A personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates about this project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.

  • In order to make the biggest possible impact, our partners will select the native tree species that are optimal for the habitat restoration and community objectives of this project. Some of the species included are  Markhamia lutea, Terminalia species, Grevilea robusta, as well as cofee, cacao, and mango trees for community impact, among others.