Our Roots

"Sustainability made simple" is a principle that is exemplified in the story of our organization. In the very beginning of 2014, One Tree Planted was born out of the realization that reforestation was something that almost everyone cared about, but few felt they could get involved with. Matt Hill, founder and Chief Environmental Evangelist, had previously worked for sustainability-focused organizations, but never felt like enough was being done. Even as environmental health became a widespread priority, many felt powerless to make a real positive change. Organizations with pure motives focused on giving back to our Earth for no gain of their own were being pushed into the background. These activists couldn’t make the difference they wanted to because they had no voice. One Tree Planted was created to be that voice. 

Planting trees has been our passion from the very beginning. The benefits of trees are immeasurable, whether it be biodiversity protection, clean water, climate change or simply making a better world for the next generation. The reforestation mission has propelled One Tree Planted forward ever since. From small beginnings in Shelburne, Vermont, we’ve grown to be a global presence in the fight against deforestation. 

Our growth has carried with it a responsibility to be a model for best practices in our industry. We pride ourselves on our adoption of the 80/20 model, in which 80% of our revenue goes directly to tree planting, and 20% goes towards developing and growing our various programs. We have reached out to leading non-governmental organizations that share our goal of transparency and high standards, in everything from tree planting practices to employee benefits.

We are an organization determined to make tree planting accessible for anyone and everyone. Our team reaches out to people across the world with the goal of promoting our three pillars of education, awareness, and engagement with reforestation. Our peer-to-peer platform empowers individuals to get involved with our cause and share it with their community. We work with schools and businesses across five continents. Every day, we work to find new ways of inspiring people to plant trees and make a brighter future.

Our Mission

One Tree Planted is on a mission to reforest our planet
and provide education, awareness and engagement on the
importance of trees in our ecosystem. We make it simple
for you to plant trees. One dollar. One tree.