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At One Tree Planted, we aim to be as transparent and accountable as possible, providing you with regular updates from our reforestation projects.

Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.


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Restoring Forests Across the Globe

One Tree Planted has planting projects in six global regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Pacific. Every reforestation project has its own unique impact on forests, communities, animals, and the planet overall.

North America

North America

North America has a remarkable diversity of forest coverage. From the old-growth redwoods of California, to the temperate lowlands of Québec, Canada, North America's forests are home to many iconic plants and animals, and play an important role in supplying communities with food, water, and employment.

One Tree Planted has planted trees in more than a dozen US states and across three Canadian provinces. Our projects restore forests in the wake of major wildfires like those in Paradise, California; repair damage caused by industry and resource extraction; and even support the endangered Southern Resident Orca of the Pacific Northwest. 

Reforestation Impact Stories

 Planting trees comes with its own diverse benefits, challenges, and rewards. At One Tree Planted, we have the wonderful opportunity to work on inspirational projects that will hopefully leave a positive mark on you. Check back monthly for our most recent highlights!

Plant trees for the Orca

Protect the Orca

We're working throughout California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia to plant 1.5 Million trees across 50+ watersheds to benefit the Endangered Southern Resident Orca, who have called the stretch of Pacific Ocean from Northern California to British Columbia home for millennia. Every year, as the Orca's migrate North to South and back again they rely on the West Coast Chinook Salmon, which provide nearly 80% of their diet, to sustain them. However, salmon stocks are diminishing due to loss of habitat and increasing pollution — ultimately impacting the Orca downstream.

Plant Trees for the Orca


Fruit trees change lives, and this is our fifth year partnering with an incredible, locally-led organization in India, with whom we have planted over 1.5 million fruit trees. Once they begin producing fruit, the trees will provide a source of nourishment and income to marginal farmers living in some of toughest terrains in India — as well as providing a host of ecosystem benefits including fighting pollution, conserving water, preventing soil erosion and more.

Plant Trees in India
Plant trees in India
Plant trees in California


Working with big partners like the United States Forest Service and CALFIRE and smaller ones like local Resource Conservation Districts and private landowners across the Golden State, we've planted over 5.4 million trees to date. We're dedicated to helping partners at any level and any location ranging from federal and state to public and private land, because everyone should be able to rebuild and restore after wildfires.

Plant Trees in California

Empowering Women Farmers in Rwanda

In 2019, we completed three separate projects in Rwanda, all of which centered around agroforestry. The first was with a women-led coop that planted 35,000 fruit-producing trees; the second a group of students who planted 9,000 trees as part of an initiative to fight poverty; and the third was with farmers who planted 60,000 trees to produce sustainable coffee.

Plant in Rwanda
Empowering Women Farmers in Rwanda

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