• Over the past decade, America has done an amazing job replanting its disappearing forests. Despite 90% of the United States’ original forests having been destroyed, the country has actually seen an increase in its total forest cover. While deforestation continues to exist throughout the nation, they have been very good at replanting those trees. American forests are home to over 33,000 plant and animal species, and we rely on them for over 2.5 million jobs, amounting to $102 billion of our GDP.

    However, our forests still need your help. Colorado specifically endured 12 major wildfires in 2013 that destroyed the over 107,000 football fields worth of land. Planting in Colorado and Oregon is necessary to reverse the insurmountable damage that these fires have done. Every tree planted in the United States helps protect local animals and people alike, and is vital to maintaining the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Donate today to help keep the United States Forests alive!

  • The impact of donating to the United States goes beyond the normal benefits of trees. Aside from cooling the area, providing a habitat for local wildlife and filtering water, trees that are carefully planted can help prevent the devastating forest fires that the region suffers from. While humans start three out of every four wildfires, the density of the foliage affects how fast those fires spread. Forests that grow back naturally after a fire often grow at too high of a density, making future Professionally planted trees are spaced further apart to make those forests safer for all the beings who depend on them. Plant in the United States today to help create sustainable forests for years to come! 

  • We plant trees in:

    - Boulder, Colorado


  • You will receive with your donation:

    - Your Tree Certificate

    - Project Report

    - Photos and videos of your trees getting planted

    - Your Invoice and Tax Receipt

  • Hey! Start your Forest Fundraising page here for Colorado forests by creating a campaign and inviting your friends. 

  • Customize options coming soon.


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