• The Peruvian Amazon is the area of the Amazon Rainforest included within the country of Peru, from east of the Andes to the borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. This region comprises 60% of the country and is marked by a large degree of biodiversity. Peru has the second-largest portion of the Amazon rainforest after the Brazilian Amazon.

    Over the last decades illegal logging has become a serious problem in the Peruvian Amazon. In 2012 the World Bank estimated that 80% of Peru’s timber exports are illegally harvested. This uncontrolled deforestation could negatively affect the habitats of indigenous tribes, the Peruvian biodiversity and of course the climate change. Donate today to help keep Peru to protect the Amazon Rainforest!

  • A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important areas of biodiversity globally, the Manu Biosphere Reserve is home to part of the last intact forest in Peru. Its multiple fragile ecosystems (the Andean Purma, Cloud Forest & Lowland rainforest) are home not only to an amazing array of fauna and flora but also to indigenous people and an ever increasing community of immigrant settlers who are struggling to live sustainably and in harmony. With deforestation and unsustainable exploitation of the natural resources (such as gold mining, illegal logging, slash and burn agriculture and cattle ranching) on the increase, Manu faces a complex and daily struggle to survive not just today but for future generations to benefit from. Plant in Peru today to help create sustainable forests for years to come! 

  • The foundation we work with is a Peruvian based not for profit organisation, dedicated to supporting a sustainable Amazon through better understanding of the value of the rainforest and helping local people to access its resources in ways that are both profitable and that will preserve the forest for the future. Innovative research and pioneering community initiatives

  • You will receive with your donation:

    - Your Tree Certificate

    - Project Report

    - Photos and videos of your trees getting planted

    - Your Invoice and Tax Receipt 

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