August 03, 2017 2 min read

We're thrilled to announce that One Tree Planted is partnering with House of Marley on a reforestation initiative to plant 75K trees!

This partnership brings to light the importance of corporate social responsibility, meaningful collaboration, and environmental stewardship. Companies that integrate giving back to nature can not only be as successful and profitable as any other brand, they're also expressing vision, positive leadership, and powerful values along the way. 

House of Marley is a conscious company with a deep respect for nature. They use FSC certified wood, non-toxic silicone, REWIND fabric in organic cotton, recycled hemp, and recycled plastic bottles. They also use 100% recyclable packaging, and ensure that their manufacturing process conserves resources and produces less waste.

They do all that while creating products with top quality and style.

Now, House of Marley is taking a bold step forward in recognizing that reforestation is a much-needed way to invest in the future, and to create a greener world for everyone. They have already planted 25K trees to date, and we look forward to planting more in the coming months. 

Reforestation partnerships such as this are one of the most effective tools we have for making a big impact when it comes to global reforestation. Every year thousands of square kilometers of forests are lost to deforestation, and while some governments and NGO's are working to reduce these numbers, we are taking now to replenish what is lost as quickly and sensibly as possible. We plant trees to give the environment the best chance possible to grow and thrive again, for wildlife, for fresh air, for food and water, for all life. 

Want to help?

Donate to the region of your choice, or become a reforestation business partner!