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  • Our 2023

    Planting Report


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    Our Impact in 2023

    2023 was an important year for One Tree Planted.

     We proudly planted 51.9 million trees, spanning 160,038 hectares (395,462.5104 acres) across 394 projects in 72 countries.


    Trees Planted


    Hectares Restored







    Every region we plant in is as unique as the wildlife and people who call it home, but what holds true no matter where you go is that reforestation changes lives for the better. From the Quenya Reymi festival high in the Andes mountains to community forests across England's countryside and koala habitats in Australia, we take daily inspiration from the grit, fortitude, and creativity of our reforestation partners and the communities they work with. 

    As we head into 2024, we will continue to be a leader in reforestation efforts. We're excited to continue growing our strategic global partnerships, driving a new phase of growth in the reforestation space.

    But first, let's dig in and celebrate all that we accomplished together in 2023!

    A Year in Review

    Every year, we are proud to share what we have accomplished, together. And while tree planting numbers are the simplest way to communicate the scale of reforestation impact, our work is informed by the understanding that reforestation is about more than planting trees. And we take that very seriously.

    Every tree we plant represents hope for a greener future. In addition to creating important environmental benefits, our projects provide jobs, training, nutritious food sources and other life-changing resources to the communities that need them the most. 

    In 2023, we worked with 315 planting partners through 394 projects in 72 countries. Through these projects, 242,458 farming families were supported, 5,336 women were involved, and 6,939 jobs were created.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the essential community benefits that reforestation can provide. In all our projects, tree species are carefully selected to ensure a balanced, long-lasting impact on nature and communities.

    Read the full report to learn more about the impact we had in 2023!

    A word from

    Our project managers worldwide

    Make an impact. plant a tree.

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    Join Us in Cultivating a Brighter Future


    Kula Project stands as a distinguished and long-lasting partner in our mission to combat poverty through community empowerment and entrepreneurship training. The organization focuses on bolstering household businesses and livelihoods, working collaboratively with coffee communities in Rwanda.

    Our collaboration with the Kula Project, initiated in 2019, marks one of our foundational partnerships in Rwanda. Over the years, we have jointly planted more than 600,000 trees and supported Kula Project's Fellowship programs. Notably, we supported their 15th-month fellowship program, benefitting more than 200 coffee-farming families each year. This program equips participants with essential inputs and training, thereby enhancing their coffee farms and overall harvests, leading to increased income.

    Peace Grace - Regional Project Director

    In collaboration with the Kula Project

    GEOTA (Grupo de Estudos de Ordenamento do Território e Ambiente) is a leading environmental NGO in Portugal, established in 1986 with over 2,600 associates. Dedicated to environmental protectionand sustainable development, GEOTA organizes educational workshops, seminars, and projects on the ground, advocating for biodiversity conservation, energy sustainability, river conservation, and land management policies that protect nature. Their multidisciplinary team engages in both the political and research spheres, and collaborates closely with academic institutions to promote environmental awareness and action.

    Marika - Project ManageR

    In collaboration with Geota

    One Tree Planted collaborates significantly with Global Forest Generation (GFG) in their impactful partnership, particularly on the Accion Andina project, led alongside partners ECOAN. Acción Andina is a growing network of grassroots organizations and local communities that are focused on restoring the high Andes, contributing to local livelihoods and enhancing water security across South America. The project provides community benefits by restoring vital natural resources and fostering sustainable management, leading to the creation of local micro-businesses centered around native forest growth. GFG partners with local leaders and indigenous communities, employing a model that involves close collaboration to accelerate forest ecosystem restoration.

    This approach aims to ensure climate resilience, protect threatened ecosystems and biodiversity, enhance water security, and improve livelihoods in the long term through sustained local leadership and the development of restoration economies. Sustained local leadership and the development of local restoration economies are integral to every step of the strategy to comprehensively restore forest ecosystems.

    Malcolm - Project Manager

    In collaboration with Global Forest Generation

    One of our most noteworthy partners, The United States Forest Service is a multi-faceted agency that cooperates with State and local governments, forest industries and other private landowners to manage and protect 154 national forests and 20 grasslands in 43 states and Puerto Rico. Maintaining and improving the health, diversity, andproductivity of forests across America to meet current and future generation needs is at the heart of what the USFS does, making it no surprise that they’re one of One Tree Planted’s official reforestation partners, entrusted to help restore and create resilient forest ecosystems on public lands from coast to coast in National Parks across the US.

    One Tree Planted is proud to be recognized as an official reforestation partner with the United States Forest Service, a partnership committed to planting trees in all 9 regions of National Forests. Through our reforestation efforts, National Forests can continue to thrive and support biodiversity, wildfire recovery, and watershed restoration now and in the future.

    Stephanie R - Project Manager

    In collaboration with United States Forest Service

    RoundGlass Foundation is one of our treasured partners. RoundGlass Foundation’s goal is to accelerate development in under-served communities of Punjab by leveraging the power of philanthropic partnerships. Since their inception in 2020, they have reached more than 1100 villages. With 8 active on-ground initiatives across children and youth development, sports, women, waste management, green cover renewal, community, health, and animal welfare, our projects touch most of the population of a community across all ages.

    One Tree Planted is proud to have collaborated with RoundGlass Foundation. During three years of partnership, we have planted 1.25 million trees in Punjab. The “Plant for Punjab” initiative promotes responsible environmental practices, cares for biodiversity, creates germplasm conservation banks, reduces carbon footprint and offers protection against future ecological degradation. They empower and mobilize citizens by creating partnerships with local governing bodies and eco-clubs to introduce responsible practices and help Punjab restore its green cover.

    Beth - Regional Project Director

    In collaboration with RoundGlass Foundation

    Continued Collaboration



    Our partnership with WRI continues to grow. This year, we were honored to collaborate with them on the implementation of TerraFund for AFR100 Phase 1, allowing us to design and manage a first-of-its-kind continent-wide restoration program!

    Bezos Earth Fund


    Thanks to our partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we're planting 4.1 million trees through 15 projects in 9 Southeast US states over the next 3 years to restore historic Longleaf Pine ecosystems. We're excited to see where this partnership grows!

    Bezos Earth Fund

    Planet Women

    From co-hosting a webinar on International Women'sDay to enriching our Terrafund for AFR100 projects with a powerful fellowship program, working together with Planet Women allows us to provide opportunities for women, and promote gender equality — which so often goes hand in hand with restoration work.

    Osa Conservation

    Osa Conservation

    We're proud to work with OSA, who have started a widespread citizen science network to help support the long-term survival of tropical species, generate basic scientific information for 120 species, and more!

    Borders Forest Trust

    Borders Forest Trust

    Reviving the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland with Borders Forest Trust, we're repairing centuries of overgrazing, bringing back native woodlands and restoring biodiversity.

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