January 03, 2019 2 min read

Businesses That Plant Trees: CSR Highlights

It's not just volunteers and reforestation pros that plant trees, businesses are also stepping up to get their hands in the dirt! While many of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) partnerships are donation-based, some of the most proactive business teams don't stop at that, they want to get out into the great outdoors and give back to nature as a team. 

Below are some recent highlights of businesses planting trees and doing other environmental restoration work with One Tree Planted.

 Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations employees got together in Sydney to do restoration work with the Woollahra Council. They worked hard in the heat (it was 98 degrees Fahrenheit!) planting native species and performing bush care, and generally having a great time together. This was part of Insight's campaign launch with One Tree Planted to help kick off our reforestation efforts in Australia in 2019. We are very excited to be working together!


This fun bunch went out to the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto, CA to do restoration work that included invasive species removal and mulching. Lyft employees worked with our partner organization, Grassroots Ecology, to remove an invasive mustard species and mulched over 12 000 sq. ft. along the creek to add complexity and stability to the soil.


Inframark is a Pennsylvania based company that provides water and infrastucture services to communities and companies alike. They have been an awesome ongoing partner with One Tree Planted. Despite the snow, they planted 15 trees at a community park in Abington, PA ! Nothing stops this team :)

Tata International

Our partners at Tata International planted 50 trees this fall in Starved Rock State Park, IL - a natural area right by the Illinois River. This was part of their launch to offset flights taken by employees which would get about 6,000 more trees in the ground yearly. Thank you for all your hard work Tata!


Also at the Arastradero preserve in Palo Alto, our partners at Symantec volunteered their efforts to improve habitat quality for wildlife. They installed 30 willow stakes and planted more than 50 native purple needlegrasses. Stakes are a method to grow plants and trees, and the species of willow and cottonwood are shown to have the highest success rates for growth. A part of the tree is cut and then "planted" into the ground where it will grow roots over time. This is an inexpensive and effective way to restore native habitat. Bravo team!

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by Stephanie Rochemont

Project Manager & Event Coordinator