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11 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

by Ariel Canie February 07, 2023 3 min read

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11 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day 2023

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re here with our best last-minute eco-friendly gift ideas to help you show your appreciation for the one you love the most. It’s time to ditch the wasteful gifts that line the aisles of your local drugstore and swap in sustainable options or activities that your date is sure to love. Celebrating solo this year? Don’t sweat it– our ideas can be easily adjusted for those who want to show themselves a little extra TLC!

11 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

1. Show Your Love by Planting a Tree

You can plant 1 tree or take it a step further and plant any number of trees for each year you’ve been in a relationship with your significant other, in honor of an important date, and more. Let’s call it the modern-day “love fern” that won’t take up any physical space and is completely kill-proof!

2. Make Them A Romantic Dinner

There’s something about a thoughtfully planned 3-course meal that will forever make it a timeless Valentine’s Day idea. Make it eco-friendly this year by challenging yourself to stick to plant-based or locally-sourced ingredients to minimize the environmental impact. 

3. Surprise them with a nature photoshoot

If they never shy away from a Kodak moment, give them the gift of a professional photoshoot! Going one step further to show them that you want to capture your love is a sweet gift that they’re sure to cherish. Don’t forget to make it eco-friendly by requesting digitals only.

4. Plan An Impromptu Movie Date

If your partner is dying to see a new flick, surprise them at the end of a date night with an impromptu movie date! Make it eco-friendly by bringing their favorite snacks and cutting down on disposable waste. Bonus points if it’s a romantic old-school cinema a la The Notebook.

5. Take A Pottery Class Together

Is there anything more romantic than learning a new skill together? Channel your Patrick Swayze energy and sign you and your partner up for a pottery class. This will be a great opportunity to make a mess, make mistakes and, more importantly, make a reusable mug, dish, or vase that can be used for many years to come. 

6. Go on a museum date

When was the last time you visited a museum? If you have an art or natural history museum near you, buy tickets, and spend the afternoon exploring with your loved one! Top it off by letting your partner pick an eco-friendly gift from the gift shop to remember the day. 

7. Get them a heart-shaped succulent

While store-bought flowers will be old news after a week or so, a succulent will last much longer and can live up to 30 years! Gifting a Hoya kerrii, also known as the Hoya Heart, is a thoughtful way to show your love. Hoya Hearts are also low-maintenance and only require water every 2-3 weeks, which makes them the perfect plant for the partner who always forgets to water their plants. 

8. Craft some eco-friendly candles together

Order a DIY candle kit ahead of time and suggest a cozy, candlelit evening together. Make sure to choose a DIY candle kit with plant-based wax, cotton wicks, essential oils, and reusable tins or jars to craft your candles. At the end, decorate and swap your candles with each other so you'll think of the other person each time you light it.  

9. Give them a cozy hoodie that gives back

Tired of your partner constantly stealing your favorite hoodies? Solve the problem by gifting them their very own One Tree Planted Hoodie that will keep them warm for the rest of the winter. The best part? Each purchase will plant a tree through one of our reforestation projects. Buy a matching one if you want to prevent yourself from getting some serious hoodie FOMO. 

10. Gift them a pre-loved book

If they’re a bookworm and you know of a book or two they’ve been wanting to read, go ahead and get it for them! Better yet, purchase a lightly used one. It’ll be less expensive and kinder for the environment. Personalize your gift with a thoughtful inscription on the inside so that they’ll always feel the love whenever they crack it open. 

11. Plan an eco-friendly scavenger hunt

Get creative and plan a fun scavenger hunt! Have your partner unlock eco-friendly gifts as they solve the hints that you give them. Hints can be created using cut-up photos, riddles, or even words with missing letters. Plan the hunt around your city, neighborhood or at home. 

Regardless of the gift that you choose from the list above, your partner is sure to appreciate the time and effort that went into the thoughtful gesture. We hope this year is your best Valentine’s Day yet!

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