Plant Trees in a National Forest

  • The United States Forest Service (USFS) - an agency of the US Department of Agriculture - manages more than 150 national forests across 43 states. Now, One Tree Planted is one of their official reforestation partners, giving us the opportunity to plant more trees on more public land from coast to coast! Since we have so many projects planned for National Forests, your tree will be planted in an area in which the USFS needs it most. 
  • All of our USFS projects have incredible and diverse impacts on the environment. Planting trees in California will restore the Tahoe National Forest after wildfires. In Colorado, tree planting help the Gunnison National Forest recover from a beetle infestation. Reforestation in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee will repair critical watersheds and bring back lost biodiversity habitat. Regardless of where your trees are planted, communities across the US, the environment, and the climate will all benefit. 
  • USFS Tree Certificate - One Tree Planted 
    A personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates on our USFS projects, so you know in which forest your trees were planted, and can track the impact your trees are having on the environment.
  • The United States Forest Service have amazing experts who have chosen trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the National Forests.

Please note:
For “Gift These Trees” option, only one certificate/e-card will be sent per order.
To send certificates to multiple recipients, please make separate orders.




California Forest Fires

Gunnison National Forest, CO

Part of a six-year reforestation project initiated by the USFS, we will be planting over 117,000 trees along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. Increased tree coverage will provide habitat for canada lynx, mountain lion, moose, and elk.

Sierra Nevada river

Willamette National Forest, OR

In 2017, wildfires destroyed more than 10,000 acres of forest. Our planting project here aims to  help repair the natural beauty of the forest, and restore watersheds that help supply water to more than 650,000 people.

California Forests

Shoshone National Forest, WY

Shoshone National Forests has suffered from beetle infestations which killed up to 80% of the trees in certain areas. This project will rebuild wildlife habitat, and improve the forest's overall management.

California Forest Fires

Cherokee National Forest, TN

Tree planting in Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest will help maintain the habitat of many iconic American species of wildlife. Reforestation will also improve the diverse recreational activites already taking place in the forest. 

Sierra Nevada river

Lincoln National Forest, NM

Wildfires burned over 15,000 acres of mixed conifer and ponderosa pine forests in the late spring of 2000. Planting trees here will greatly improve critical watersheds and protect the forest from grazing pressure.

California Forests

Tahoe National Forest, CA

In 2013, Tahoe National Forest experienced wildfires that burned over 22,000 acres of land. Planting trees will help create a young forest that is more resilient to fires, and can more easily recover from drought and beetle infestations.




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