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  • Plant Trees for Forest Fire Recovery!

    Forest Fire Fund

    The Forest Fire Fund was established to support reforestation for wildfire restoration in areas that have experienced severe fires. By assisting in the natural regeneration process, we help ensure the return of healthy, resilient, and biodiverse forests.

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    Trees Help Prevent Flooding Trees Reduce Global Temperatures Trees Improve Air Quality Trees Provide Habitat for Biodiversity Trees Grow Nutritious Food Trees Improve our Health Trees Clean the Planet

    Forest Fire Facts



    Global fire activity burns around 400 million hectares of land every year.



    Wildfires in old-growth Amazon forests rose 152% last year compared with 2022.



    Wildland fires burned roughly 325,000 acres and damaged 70 buildings across the state of California last year.

    Why support the Forest fire Fund?

    Combat Climate Change


    Forest Fires are increasing in size and intensity, and more fires every year are severely degrading natural ecosystems and making ecosystem recovery unlikely. After a severe fire, planting trees can help catalyze the natural recovery process, facilitating the return of healthy forest structure that can support a variety of life.

    Erosion Control


    Severe Forest Fires induce a cascade of negative effects that compromise the integrity of ecosystems. Burned areas are highly vulnerable to future threats such as colonization by invasive species, insect and disease outbreaks, flooding and soil erosion, and future fires. Planting native trees can facilitate the return of healthy, biodiverse forests that are more resilient against future threats.

    Healthy Ecosystems


    Today, forest and grassland animal and plant communities have never been more exposed to severe wildfire. Catastrophic fires induce widespread tree mortality that results in reduced biodiversity and extensive habitat loss for wildlife, including many threatened and endangered species. Reforestation can facilitate the regeneration of critical habitat for the species that depend on forests.


    One Tree Planted’s Forest Fire Fund facilitates reforestation as part of active post-fire management strategies. In addition to supporting healthy ecosystem recovery, reforestation can reduce vulnerability to future disturbances — including wildfires, insect infestations, and disease outbreaks.

    When planting trees, everything from the best tree species to plant to the distance between trees and the exact location where they are planted is carefully considered. This is to prevent invasive species from colonizing burn scars, while restoring multi-layered wildlife habitat and increasing resilience against future threats. For example, carefully planning stand density (the amount of trees in a specific area) can help reduce the spread of pathogens and diseases, bolstering the overall resilience of the new forest.

    Planting trees can not only bolster ecosystem resilience but also combat one of the most immediate consequences of forest fires: soil erosion. Fires consume the organic matter and litter that shield and nurture soil, inducing hydrophobicity (inability to absorb water). Reforestation plays a critical role in soil conservation by minimizing sedimentation, preventing erosion, and fostering a diverse vegetation community that will stabilize soils over time.

    Forest Fires are increasingly larger and more intense due to climate change and historic land management — and as a result, more fires are severely degrading ecosystems. Our Forest Fire Fund will plant trees to catalyze the natural recovery process in areas like those pictured on the globe.

    Why Forest Fire Recovery Matters