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Up to four individuals aged 18+ have the chance to win a memorable trip in Costa Rica, by helping us plant 20,000 trees! Start your fundraiser as an individual, a team, a class or as a school and support a project you are passionate about.

Those who raise the most money for reforestation before Earth Day, April 22nd 2021,
wins the Costa Rica Adventure trip with EF Ultimate Break!


Follow the steps to win a trip to Costa Rica and help us plant 20,000 trees by working with your friends,
club or school to fundraise for global reforestation.

Sign up as a campus coordinator and start your fundraiser as an individual or as a team!

Fundraise with your family, friends and community to get trees planted and compete to win an eco-adventure trip!

Raise the most amount of money for reforestation and win a trip to Costa Rica with One Tree Planted.

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University of Colorado Boulder

Winner, 2019

"The most interesting part about the rainforest was hiking and learning from the guides, and everything that they knew from experience. And seeing the beauty of the rainforest!"


University of Colorado Boulder

Winner, 2019

"There were times were I was challenging myself and going outside of my comfort zone, I'm doing something I've never done before and I'm excited to do it and see where it takes me."

top highlights of the costa rica adventure trip

explore biodiversity
and wildlife

The rainforest is filled with secrets and you get to be its closest confidant as it spills the beans on all of its mysterious landforms, wildlife, and people. Keep an open ear and open eyes as you hike, swim, and kayak around the Arenal Region.

tree planting and coffee plantation tour

On your way back to San José, stop off for a coffee plantation tour on your way back to San José. Watch as the little red berries become morning buzz brew right before your eyes, then sample the freshest coffee of your life.

hike santa elena
cloud forest

Experience a whole different rainforest habitat: the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. High altitude and moisture (12 feet of rain per year) combine to make this a one-of-a-kind ecosystem—oh, and did we mention there’s zip-lining?