Million Tree Challenge

Million Tree Challenge

Join the challenge by planting 10,000 trees with your business in National Forests across the U.S.

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Want your business to make a positive environmental impact? By joining the Million Tree Challenge, and planting 10,000 trees, your business will be part of a global community of environmentally conscious businesses who are looking to make a difference by helping to plant trees across National Forests in the US. 

This year, Million Tree Challenge members will be contributing to iconic forests with the United States Forest Service (USFS). Because of impacts like wind damage, tree diseases, and forest fires, many forests have become at risk to deforestation. By supporting the Million Tree Challenge, your business is:

Conserving Wildlife
Combating Climate Change
Climate Change
Restoring Wildfire Sites
Wildfire Sites
Benefiting Local Communities
Local Communities

The Million Tree Challenge Impact




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Tree Challenge

National Forest Project Highlights



The Custer Gallatin National Forest stretches from south-central Montana to northwestern South Dakota and allows visitors to explore large wilderness landscapes, high peaks, rolling hills and vast stretches of open prairie intermixed with green islands alongside streams, lakes and rivers. Restoring the damage from this fire allows visitors of the park to keep enjoying everything that the Custer Gallatin Park has to offer. 



This planting will take place in Wisconsin's Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Reforestation here helps to maintain and enhance watershed function and improve wildlife habitat for tourist attraction. Moreover, this region has experienced severe wind events and timber harvest and so, reforesting this National Forest will serve to maintain a healthy and productive National Forest for the present and future.

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