One Tree Planted works directly with educators to help them integrate sustainability into their school's culture and curriculum. We offer a free educational program designed to provide students with engaging hands-on experience with reforestation. Students will be given the tools to plant trees in their communities and all over the world through our online fundraising platform and social media competition. Teachers will be provided innovative educational material, such as interactive videos, infographics and activity plans. Learn more about our program.

Planting 1 tree can supply over 10,000 students with enough pencils to last them the next school year
Your laptop emits over 1000 pounds of carbon dioxide, but planting 2 trees can help offset this impact
The average student uses over 700 pounds of paper per year, but planting 4 trees will offset your yearly paper usage

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Here's how students have gotten involved:

Francisca and Sophia
Greenwich High School, Connecticut
As part of their environmental class program, Francisca and Sophia created the "APES project" fundraiser. The girls held a bake sale at their school, raising $115 to plant 115 trees! Check out their blog post here!
Wingka and Netra
South Island School, Hong Kong
Wingka and Netra stumbled upon our organization while looking for ways to give back to the Earth and get more involved in their community. After working with us to set up their own campaign, the girls raised over $1000 in donations to plant 1000 trees! Simply by reaching out to their friends and family, as well as speaking about deforestation and One Tree Planted in their school's classrooms, they were able to inspire their community to donate to the cause.