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Earth Day 2024: Partnership, Action, Impact

by One Tree Planted May 01, 2024 6 min read

One Tree Planted Project Director and Manager
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Earth Day is a time to celebrate all that nature does for us — and take action to protect it. Every year, we are inspired by what our global community of partners, ambassadors, and donors can accomplish, together. From planting 694,923 trees through our Earth Month campaign to connecting with our newest cohort of TerraFund for AFR100 restoration champions and representing One Tree Planted at an LAFC soccer game, Earth Month 2024 was defined by partnership, connection, and impact — all in the name of reforestation!

Special thanks to our Earth Month sponsors Noble Oak, Sanofi, Compost Genie, Storquest Self Storage, and Macerich for their support of our Earth Month 2024 reforestation efforts!

A Few Projects that Benefited From our Earth Month Campaign

Mexico: Watershed Management in Veracruz

This project spans two sites in Veracruz, Mexico's central, mountainous region. Home to two of the largest peaks in the country, this project utilizes native seedlings at an altitude of 1,800-4,000 meters above sea level. 

At the first site, Cofre de Perote Mountain, 90 hectares of land were severely degraded by forest fires in early 2023. Located within the headwaters of the Antigua River Basin, this area provides water to Xalapa City, Veracruz's capital. Our partner worked closely with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, and low-income farming families, to restore this critical land. 

At the second site, Pico de Orizaba National Park, 88 hectares of land have been identified and fenced off to protect from herbivory. The planting site is located within the headwaters of the Jamapa River Basin, which supplies water to more than 2 million people. Reforestation is critical here, as the glaciers of this peak — the highest in Mexico — are disappearing due to climate change. 

This reforestation project will have a significant positive impact on the region, both at an environmental and socio-economic level. At an environmental level, it will help improve air quality, support the water cycle, and increase climate change resilience. It will also benefit native wildlife species such as the gray fox, coyote, opossum, armadillo, lynx, otter, carara hawk, mot mot, and rabbit.

At the socio-economic level, the project supports 221 local families by providing employment in tree nursery production, growing nutritious food, and improving livelihoods through the sale of wood and fruit.

Minnesota: Restoring Resilient Forests

Northern Minnesota forests have become simplified over time due to a combination of historic management practices, reduced natural disturbances (fire), and increased herbivory from deer. As a result, forests in this region are now composed of fewer and shorter-lived tree species and provide less biodiversity values and carbon storage than they could be.

This restoration project prioritizes restoring important native tree species (including white spruce, white pine, red pine, red oak, jack pine, black spruce, tamarack, white cedar, bur oak, swamp white oak and yellow birch), and expanding the ranges of climate adapted tree species. This combined planting will improve habitat values in priority landscapes, including the headwaters of important watersheds, riparian forests along lake shores and trout streams, and degraded forests along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Restored and resilient forests that are made up of larger, longer-lived species will provide a wide range of ecological benefits and improved ecological services. These include improved water quality in trout streams and other water bodies, sediment reduction in streams and Lake Superior, improved habitat values for species of greatest conservation need according to MN’s State Wildlife Action Plan, soil stabilization in the face of intense rain events, and improved carbon storage.

This project represents a monumental effort toward reinstating Minnesota’s tree diversity and strengthening its forests against future disturbances. Its impact over time will be critical to enhancing the resilience of these ecosystems — and safeguarding the benefits they provide.

Dominican Republic: Lagoona Cabarete

This project utilizes red mangrove trees to restore native mangrove habitat in an area that has been severely degraded by fire. In addition to planting trees, our partner removed invasive species and cleared the waterway to encourage natural water flow through the area. Before restoration activities began, the area was muddy and had poor drainage. Through these efforts, native aquatic wildlife (including turtles, shellfish, and fish) and birds are expected to return over the next 3-5 years.

To implement the planting, a combination of rural farmers and Haitian workers were hired, providing temporary income. These jobs included collecting mangrove seed, removing pollutants (garbage, invasive species), nursery management, and monitoring and planting activities.

Educational initiatives were also implemented to teach the local community about the importance of mangroves. The project site intentionally fostered a safe space for vulnerable and Dominican-Haitian communities to develop relationships through environmental education.

Thanks to these efforts, the project helped inspire public will to clean the Lagoona Cabarete — and the Ministry of Environment issued a special projects agreement to launch a full restoration of the lagoona. This will provide many benefits to the local community, including those living in a nearby slum. 

Mangrove restoration helps combat the effects of climate change by reducing coastal erosion, facilitating blue carbon, and providing a natural barrier against rising tides and storm surges. Mangroves can also improve water quality by removing pollutants and preventing the runoff of sediments and nutrients into the ocean.

One Tree Planted Around the World This Earth Month

Clockwise from top left: (1) One Tree Planted Project Manager: Kenya, John Ngahu, presenting at a TerraFund for AFR100 Cohort Workshop (2) One Tree Planted Tree Ambassador Isabella Charlotta Poppius partnered with The BoTree, a luxury hotel, to give back to the planet. The hotel planted 500 trees for guest stays in the lead up to Earth Day, which was celebrated with an intimate 'high society' dinner, hosted by Poppius at the famed Italian restaurant LAVO, (3) One Tree Planted Urban Forestry Director Jonathan Mason represents One Tree Planted at the Los Angeles Football Club's Community Spotlight during their home game against the New York Redbulls on Saturday, April 20th, (4) One Tree Planted Urban Forestry Project Manager Lauren Houtenbrink conducted site visits of several projects in the Northeastern U.S.

Partnership Announcements

Several of our tree-loving business partners shared initiatives, milestones and commitments in honor of Earth Day. While we couldn't possibly list them all, we wanted to share a few highlights that made us smile!

To kick off Earth Month, AllTrails planted a tree for every hour hiked during the first weekend of April — and the campaign successfully planted 100,000 trees!

ASSOULINE shared the exciting update that they have planted 200,000 trees with us since 2019!

The Wish Tree for Yoko Ono campaign, created by Sean Ono Lennon / Loud Beings, was the People's Voice Winner in the category of Websites and Mobile Sites, Technical Achievement! So far, over 18,000 trees have been planted thanks to this truly creative partnership.

Warner Music Group created a 100+ song Earth Day playlist and donated their proceeds from the streams to One Tree Planted!

Longtime partner Origins shared about their Green The Planet™️ Fund, and encouraged their followers to plant trees!

Florence by Mills Fashion, by actress Millie Bobby Brown, announced our partnership, which allocates a portion of customer purchases to reforestation.

Bodega planted one tree for every order placed between April 22nd to April 27th!

Thank you to all of our amazing business partners who help us get trees in the ground on Earth Day and every day. We're proud to work together with you to restore forests across the globe, one tree at a time.

Missed your chance to participate this Earth Month? Not to worry! You can sign up at any time to become a business partner. Not a business? You can still help us get trees in the ground! 🌿

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