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Farm Rio & Levi's Collaborate on a New Collection with Impact

by Diana Chaplin November 20, 2020 2 min read

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How Two Top Fashion Brands Are Making A Positive Environmental Impact

More and more modern consumers are making fashion purchases with the environment in mind. Shoppers want more than just quality, often looking for products and brands that align with their personal values. A 2015 Nielsen Report found that 66% of consumers were willing to pay extra for products from sustainable brands, while an even higher 73% of Millennials said the same thing.

Our business partner, FARM Rio — Brazil’s most beloved clothing and lifestyle brand — is “guided by nature.” And when they opened their flagship store in SoHo, Manhattan in 2019, they joined forces with us to help recover endangered forest ecosystems and protect the fresh water supply in Brazil.

Guided By Nature

Nature has been the company’s greatest inspiration since its inception 23 years ago, which is why they believe it’s their duty to help protect IT, give back to the environment, and help recover endangered forest ecosystems like those found in the Amazon rainforest, the largest Brazilian biome. They also wanted to make it simple for their customers to join them in their mission.

FARM Rio has made it easier than ever for customers to shop knowing their purchase will have a positive impact. The brand has expanded its tree planting initiative and will now be planting 1,000 trees per day with us! To date, FARM Rio has donated 44,455 trees to One Tree Planted, with plans to plant more than 140,000 trees in the Amazon and the Atlantic forest by the end of the year. 

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A Commitment to Sustainability

We’re thrilled to have such a dedicated, and stylish, partner on board with us! I mean, have you seen the bright and bold prints from FARM Rio? Their latest partnership with Levi’s is stunning and full of color! The two collaborated to establish 10 iconic feminine pieces, including trucker jackets, jeans, t-shirts, denim shorts, jumpsuits, and sweatshirts. Each garment features dedicated prints of tropical and vivid Brazilian nature icons to ground us in the beauty of the present while remembering the future worth preserving.

Part of this amazing collection is that FARM Rio and Levi’s will be planting 14,000 native trees for preserving and restoring the Brazilian forests. By planting trees in the Amazon rainforest, they’re not only helping to provide and conserve the habitat for jaguars, birds, and hundreds of other species, they’re recovering previously depleted land and enriching its soil with nutrients. It also provides jobs for hundreds of farming families.

FARM Rio is a fashion-forward, inspiring brand, and we’re so lucky to have them as part of the One Tree Planted family. We’re looking forward to this partnership’s continued success, as we plant thousands of trees before the end of the year, and gear up for an even more impactful year in 2021. 

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