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Small World Spotlight: Playing Cupid with Match Group

by Ariel Canie February 01, 2023 3 min read

Small World Spotlight: Playing Cupid with Match Group
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Small World Spotlight: Playing Cupid with Match Group

Love is in the air this month and it seems only fitting to give you a sneak peek of how the parent brand of many popular dating apps has been working behind the swipes with One Tree Planted! From planting trees for couple success stories to committing to NetZero goals, read our interview below to see how Match Group has been showing off their everlasting love for the environment. 

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Please, introduce yourself! Who are you, and what is your role over at Match Group?

I'm Joanna Rice and I've been at Match Group for over eight years. I work on Social Impact, leading our Global CSR and ESG strategy.

When did Match Group begin working with One Tree Planted, and why did you choose a tree planting organization?

Match Group began working with One Tree Planted just over a year ago. We previously held a "Going Green" contest open to all employees in Q4 2021 to come up with ideas for increasing Match Group's sustainability. One of the winning ideas involved planting trees in honor of our successful couples, so we could literally watch the love grow! 

How has Match Group partnered with us so far?

We started as one of the main sponsors of ForestFest and of tree planting events all around the globe as part of Earth Month (April 2022). Then we continued to expand our work with One Tree Planted by planting trees in honor of couples who contacted us about their success and then through OTP's Urban Forestry Initiative. They helped identify local tree planting partners near our major U.S. offices (Hudson River Park in New York City, Amigos de los Rios in L.A. and Texas Trees Foundation in Dallas) as part of our Global Giving tree planting campaign for employee volunteers in November. We are currently brainstorming ways to work together for 2023! 

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How many trees have you planted with us so far? 

During our sponsorship of One Tree Planted's Earth Month, there were 38,168 trees, 2,123 shrubs, and 5,806 plants planted by 5,799 adult volunteers and 4,462 youth volunteers at 116 events! At our dedicated Match Group events, our employees planted 98 more trees, dozens of shrubs and hundreds of bulbs (looking forward to spring in Hudson River Park!), in addition to clearing weeds, gathering compostable debris and other maintenance work.

Have you planted any of these trees yourself?

I have personally planted trees with your team in San Francisco and New York!

Aside from planting trees, how does your brand strive to become more sustainable, now and in the future? 

Match Group is committed to establishing NetZero goals and have established our intent to set science-based targets by next year. We are in the process of developing those targets in line with the SBTi's criteria. In addition, we joined the UN Global Compact last year and are committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. We have very passionate leadership and employees who work daily to incorporate sustainability into everything we do.

As you know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! For those using dating apps to find love, what is your best advice for profile optimization and communication?

Make sure you have a few clear photos that show off your personality. As for communication, just be yourself!

What apps does Match Group encompass?

Match Group’s family of brands includes Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and The League, among many others. Our services are available in 40+ languages and reach millions of people globally.

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Do you have any advice you’d like to share with readers for enjoying Valentine’s Day, regardless of relationship status?

Have fun and don't put too much pressure on the day! There are 364 more days every year to find and enjoy love!

Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Joanna!

Would you like to learn more about working with One Tree Planted? Set up a zoom call or fill out our form to let us know how you’d like to get your business (or employer) involved today! 

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