Sports Sustainability: How Leagues, Teams, and Athletes Can make a Positive Impact

Ariel Canie |  February 21, 2023 | 6 min read

Sports Sustainability: How Leagues, Teams, and Athletes Can make a Positive Impact

Sports sustainability: what is it and why is it so important? To break it down, sustainability within sports encompasses all environmentally friendly methods that help reduce any negative impact that a sports organization or event has on the environment. The idea of sports sustainability is still fairly new, and many teams and athletes are still unaware of how they can make a positive impact by harnessing the power of sports and the passion of fans. Thankfully, One Tree Planted makes sustainable initiatives simple by working with leagues, teams, and athletes to meet their sustainability goals.

Read on to see how you, your team, or your league can create a greener future by working with One Tree Planted!

League-wide Fundraisers

euroleague fundraiser

Fundraising at the league level is a great way to get all your fans involved and showcase your sustainability efforts. Leagues can plant trees for each game ticket sold, specific statistics, for each team in the league, or to simply celebrate a notable occasion such as Earth Month!

Planting Events

LA kings community planting

You’re always welcome to get your hands dirty and join us for some tree planting in your community! We’ll work with your team to organize local tree-planting events in an area that resonates with you and your fans. These tree-planting events are usually held at local parks or within underserved communities located near team stadiums or arenas that need more trees.

Social Campaigns

team england fundraiser

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with fans from all around the world. We’re happy to help leagues, teams, athletes, and sponsors elevate their fan engagement through social media campaign content and a social campaign hashtag of their choice.

Custom Fundraising Websites

basketball fundraiser webpage

If you or your organization would like a custom-branded fundraising page where fans can donate to plant trees, look no further! We’re happy to build a webpage that allows fans to learn about your initiative, the benefits of trees, and easily plant trees as part of your campaign, as you watch the donations flow in.

Play for Trees

leaderboard sports fundraiser

Play for Trees, a program created in partnership with Players for the Planet, features professional athletes who plant trees tied to their statistics; each time they make a certain play, trees are planted. Fans can plant trees, too - all they have to do is choose which Play for Trees athlete they would like to support and the number of trees they’ll plant each time their player records their chosen statistic. Then, when a fan’s chosen player hits a home run, throws a touchdown, or scores a goal, the fan’s account will automatically donate the funding required to plant their selected number of trees in real-time.

Want to learn more about how you can get involved in a sports sustainability initiative with One Tree Planted? See more examples or fill out our form to get in touch here.

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