Do You Find It Hard To Talk About Sustainability?

July 12, 2016

Backpacking Sustainability

The first time I consciously registered the term sustainability was summer of 2004.  I was fresh out of business school, and backpacking through Europe.

My interest in the environment was on the rise, and luckily when passing through Barcelona, Spain, there was a Green Forum.

I ventured off to see what it was all about.  Although I can’t remember every detail, the day left an impression on me.  I saw innovation, passion, and above all, sustainability in the making.

Since that day over a decade ago, I have been devoted to the practice of being green, even if that means not always having something to talk about with friends and colleagues.

It’s as much a matter of my personality type as it is the topic.  I’m not into small talk, gossip, sports, or the latest series on TV.  Odds are if we get into a conversation, it’s going to have lots of substance.

So what does that mean for social gathers and family reunions?

Well, it’s a balancing act really.  You don’t want to be excluded, but you don’t want to be censored either.  You choose your topics wisely as to not be tuned out by others, and when all else fails – you practice the art of listening.

If you’re anything like me, and feeling isolated in your intentions to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’re not alone!  There is a growing population of people who are interested in this very important topic.  Sustainability may be overwhelming to some, but it’s just a matter of time before they see it’s an inevitable part of life here on Earth.

Part of being sustainable is being resourceful.  It’s about not wasting energy in any of its forms.  So when someone has already paved the green path on a subject matter, I find it very useful to share their information rather than reinvent the wheel.

There are many incredible leaders out there who have been working in the field for decades.  Alan AtKisson is one of them.  This man is charismatic, intelligent, and he’s got a lot to say about the subject.  He even sings about sustainability!

He’s the kind of person I’d love to run into at a party.  Until then, I find enjoyment in reading his books from the comfort of my hammock.

I recommend you start with this one.  Call it a guide book if you will on the interconnected topic.  It’s a must read for anyone looking to expand their horizon on the subject while keeping connected to their circle of friends.

What’s your favorite book about sustainability?  We’d love to hear about it!  Comment below or connect on Social Media.


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