Plant Trees by Showing Off Your #EcoHacks on TikTok

Kaylee Brzezinski | April 6, 2021 | 4 min read

TikTokers Can Help Plant 10,000 Trees by Sharing Their Best Eco Hacks

What is that One Tree Planted up to now? Why it's another fun way to help us get trees into the ground of course! We have teamed up with TikTok again to not only plant some trees but to rally the TikTok community for Earth Month to share their favorite eco hacks. For some, being eco-friendly can feel like a chore. But this initiative will spread lots of awareness on the little steps you can take towards a more sustainable life! Plus, for every TikTok posted we will plant a tree! (Up to 10,000 trees)

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Ready to get to Eco Hackin'? Here's all the details!

Just one TikTok can plant one tree. One tree can sequester up to 22lbs of carbon per year. One tree can be home to hundreds even thousands of wildlife species and biodiversity. Just a couple of reasons why you should show off those #EcoHacks

The aim of the campaign is quite simple. Show us your #EcoHacks. Whether you are a beginner at sustainability with your reusable straw or you've mastered the art of composting, we want to see it! Find a creative way to show off your hack. Give us a tutorial or perhaps there is a silly dance to compliment your eco-friendly skills. But wait, there's MORE! 

We Made an Original Song!

Thanks to our awesome tree-loving community we were able to collaborate with a top-notch music producer to take this #EcoHacks vision to the next level! Elevate your eco hack with this amazing earth rap about all the benefits to a green way of living! If you're more of a music driven TikToker then this song is a good place to start!

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Use what you've got hanging around the house to create your TikTok. This is after all an eco-friendly campaign so don't create any extra waste trying to make this video. Plan it, film it, then post it to TikTok. We'll take care of the tree planting! 

Here are the details:

  • Post your video between April 9th-April 22nd (Earth Day)
  • Be sure to tag @onetreeplanted  and use #EcoHacks. We can't plant your tree if we can't find your video! 

Not gifted with words? We've got you covered with some prewritten messaging options:

  • What are your favorite #EcoHacks? Post your best eco-friendly tricks and @onetreeplanted will plant a tree for Earth Month!🌲🌎
  • I love Mother Nature! These are my favorite #EcoHacks for sustainable living. @onetreeplanted is planting a tree for every video using this hashtag for Earth Month!🌱
  • Post your #EcoHacks and @onetreeplanted will plant a tree for you for Earth Month!🌲🌎

Check out how Captain Planet uses his #EcoHacks to save the world!

captain planet tiktok ecohacks

Video by: Wade Holland and Abby Wren Artistry

Need Some Inspiration? Here's Some Ideas!

So get those ring lights out (or don't) and show us your best eco-friendly ways to help us make a global impact by planting trees for Earth Month! Even if you think it's just a simple hack, someone who just started their sustainability journey might see how you do good for the planet and take away some helpful tips. If you're eager to get Earth Month going or TikTok just isn't your thing, plant a tree today!

Longleaf Pine Main Image
Longleaf Pine Restoration
Longleaf Pine Tree Planter
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Longleaf Pine Landscape
Longleaf Pine Planting
Longleaf Pine Main Image
Longleaf Pine Restoration
Longleaf Pine Tree Planter
Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most
Longleaf Pine Landscape
Longleaf Pine Planting

Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most

As the need for reforestation is global and ever-changing, we feature where trees are most needed now. This project is currently supporting Longleaf Pine Restoration. Learn more

With your help, we will:

  • Protect wildlife habitat and increase biodiversity
  • Restore essential watersheds for soil stability and erosion control
  • Sequester carbon in the biomass of the forests through climate stability
  • Longleaf pine forests are among the most biodiverse in North America and provide habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species. Longleaf pine forests are well-adapted to a warming climate as longleaf pine is a resilient species that is fire-dependent, drought-tolerant, and long-lived. Reforestation of longleaf pine ecosystems- to increase, maintain, and enhance the species- has been identified as a priority area within America's Longleaf Range Wide Conservation Plan. 🌲
  • Our longleaf pine reforestation project will restore habitats, control soil erosion, and sequester carbon in an effort to stabilize the climate in the area. Not only will wildlife benefit from the clean air and water provided by the planted trees, but the surrounding community will, too. This project will work with a variety of landowners whose responsible forest management and stewardship will only further increase the benefits for species residing on the lands. Some of the most notable species that will benefit from habitat restoration include gopher tortoises, red-cockaded woodpeckers, and eastern indigo snakes
  • A personalized tree certificate (see gallery) to say thanks for your donation. We'll also send you updates about our Longleaf Pine Restoration project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the ground!
  • We always plant a mix of diverse, native species from local nurseries. This project is working to replenish longleaf forests, so the native species grown in the nurseries will mainly be longleaf pine, but also include shortleaf pine and loblolly pine.

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