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    Plant Trees

    8 Interesting Facts about Rainforests

    by One Tree Planted â—Ź July 04, 2024 â—Ź 2 min read

    8 Interesting Facts about Rainforests
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    What's considered a rainforest?

    The term rainforest is used to describe a tropical or temperate biome that experiences high levels of rainfall – typically between 79 to 394 inches of precipitation annually. Tropical rainforests can be found close to the equator, where the temperatures are warmer, while temperate rainforests can be found in cooler coastal areas north or south of the equator.

    The world’s 5 largest rainforests are the Amazon Rainforest, the Congo Basin, the New Guinea Rainforest, the Borneo Lowland Forest, and the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest.

    8 Fascinating Facts about the Earth’s Rainforests

    1. Rainforests provide habitats for many plants and animals

    Rainforests cover only about 6% of the Earth's surface, but they are home to over half of the world's known plant and animal species.

    2. Rainforests help cool the atmosphere

    The Amazon can be considered the Earth's air conditioner, pulling carbon from the atmosphere and accounting for around 20% of the oxygen produced by photosynthesis on land. 

    3. The Amazon is the largest rainforest

    The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, covering an area of around 2,300,000 square miles. If the Amazon was a country, it would be the seventh largest in the world.

    4. Rainforests are rich in biodiversity

    Rainforests are incredibly biodiverse, with new species being discovered all the time. A variety of endangered species including tigers, javan rhinos, gorillas, and orangutans can all be found in rainforests.

    5. Rainforest Deforestation is a persistent threat

    Deforestation is a major threat to rainforests, with around 13.2% of the original Amazon forest biome already lost to it and other causes.

    6. Your houseplant came from the rainforest

    Many common houseplants originated in the rainforest and have adapted to low sunlight and little water, making them the perfect companion for your indoor space. 

    7. Many medicines come from rainforests

    Around 25% of drugs used in modern medicine are derived from the rainforest — and researchers believe that approximately 70% of rainforest plants have anticancer properties.

    8. Rainforests are earths oldest living ecosystems

    Some have survived in their present form for over 70 million years!

    Planting trees supports the 1.6 billion people who depend on forests for their livelihoods, fights climate through carbon sequestration and and nourishes Earth’s rich biodiversity by providing food and shelter for plants and animals. Plant trees today!

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    Get news, updates, & event Info delivered right to your inbox: