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    Good News! 5 Positive Environmental Stories from May 2024

    by Gabrielle Clawson May 30, 2024 3 min read

    Good News! 5 Positive Environmental Stories from May 2024
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    5 Positive Environmental News Stories from May that Will Make You Smile

    The beauty of summer is upon us. We hope you have the chance to get outside and enjoy everything the season has to offer — whether it’s at the campsite, the poolside, or in your own backyard. 

    As we enjoy the early summer sun, we’re highlighting a few recently published environmental stories that will surely put a smile on your face! Hopefully, these stories remind you that you can almost always find a bright spot if you look for it.

    1. Save the Bees

    Pollinators, such as bees, play a critical ecosystem role. Around the world, bees pollinate almost 90% of wild plants. But as we know, bees are in danger. Colorado has just taken their first steps to protect these buzzing pollinators

    The new Colorado legislature has declared bees “as animals too” –– meaning any existing wildlife programs and funds can now help protect bees across the state. By protecting bees, we can help protect entire ecosystems. Colorado has taken a great step toward saving our bees. Hopefully, other states will follow suit. 

    2. Spring Cleaning for the Environment

    Spring may be over, but spring cleaning is still in full swing. The next time you’re deep-cleaning your home, take a look at the fridge. Turns out that organizing the fridge can actually help reduce carbon emissions. One tip? Place perishables at the front of your fridge (or on the door) so they can be easily seen and accessed. Items with a longer shelf life can be moved to the back.

    Just doing this helps reduce the average 104 pounds of food waste Americans generate every year by following the concept of FIFO (first in, first out). Simply by organizing your refrigerator, you can help your household significantly reduce its food waste. 

    3. Majestic Sea Turtles

    While most of us love the beauty of sea turtles, we may not know very much about these majestic ocean dwellers. It’s common knowledge that many sea turtle species are considered endangered, but there’s more to them than that! 

    Sea turtles play an important role in preserving the ecosystems of the world’s oceans. This includes maintaining healthy coral reefs to transporting nutrients to beaches and coastal dunes.

    4. New Proposed Bill Could Protect Primates in the US

    While many primates are objectively adorable, they aren't meant to live the life of domesticated pets. Because they are wild animals, they are meant to live in complex social hierarchies. Domesticating them tends to leave them isolated and disconnected from their kind. 

    The US just introduced a new bill that would ban the private possession of primates across the country. The Captive Primate Safety Act will effectively stop the trade of primates as pets, and it has even garnered praise from animal rights groups, like Born Free USA.

    If Congress passes this bill, it could mean the end of these wild animals being kept in private captivity.

    5. Native Indian Bird Sparked a Climate Movement

    What started as a petition demanding the conservation of a critically endangered bird in India has evolved into a climate justice movement across the country. When the writ petition made its way to the Supreme Court of India, their subsequent statement declared people also have the “right to be free from the adverse effects of climate change.”

    This landmark statement may just set the precedent for further action on climate justice cases globally, and we all have the Great Indian Bustard to thank.

    We hope you enjoyed reading May’s good news stories as much as we enjoyed featuring them! Remember, there is good in the world if you know where to look for it. And if you want to create your own good news, you can positively impact the environment by planting trees where they are needed the most!

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    Get news, updates, & event Info delivered right to your inbox:
    Gabrielle Clawson
    Gabrielle Clawson

    Gabrielle helps with fundraising and marketing, working with peer-to-peer fundraising as well as business fundraising. With experience in both women's rights and climate change organizations, she has a strong passion for non-profits and is excited to make an impact in the world through environmental change!