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    Good News! 6 Positive Environmental Stories from March 2024

    by Gabrielle Clawson March 28, 2024 3 min read

    Good News! 6 Positive Environmental Stories from March 2024
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    6 Positive Environmental News Stories from March that Will Make You Smile

    With spring in the air, nature is blossoming. From buzzing bees to shaggy bears coming out of hibernation, spring is the perfect time to celebrate the wonders of nature. So, as we celebrate the beginning of a new season, let’s highlight some recent environmental stories that will surely put a smile on your face!

    Hopefully, these stories remind you that we can find positivity everywhere. Even amid global challenges, we can always find a bright spot (or two!) if we look for it.

    1. New Tree Mural in London Sparks Climate Conversation

    The first step in climate action is public awareness. This new Banksy mural in London has taken that first step and sparked a conversation about deforestation. The mural sits behind a shorn tree in London and provides the tree with a vibrant green background of leaves and foliage. 

    Many have commented that this mural emphasizes the destruction of greenery and forests. Often, action is inspired when people stop and think about what is happening around them — and what they can do about it. 

    2. Canada Is Rolling Out New Reusable Container Program

    Single-use plastic may be convenient for food storage, but when it comes to our environment, it brings more harm than good. Three major grocery store chains in Canada are rolling out a new container program. 

    At select stores, customers can purchase specific food items packaged in reusable containers at no extra cost, and then they can return these containers to in-store drop-off locations. This program aims to reduce the amount of single-use plastic containers in local grocery schools across the country. 

    3. Young Creators Are Setting the Standard for Climate Content

    With the threat of climate change looming, it’s easy to become fixated on the doom and gloom –– especially when many younger people are getting their information from social media platforms. As a result, climate doom can foster inaction and anxiety in many people. 

    Young content creators across all social platforms are taking matters into their own hands. By sharing research-backed information with a wide range of audiences, these content creators elevate hopeful climate news that inspires action and impact.

    4. The World’s Natural Defense Against Climate Change

    When we think about mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing emissions and removing greenhouse gasses that have already been emitted are a vital part of the equation. Some of the world’s best climate defenses lie in natural ecosystems. 

    From forests to wetlands, many ecosystems are already doing exceptional work to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. A new study at the University of Washington has discovered a new wetland type. These wetlands are called “cryptic wetlands.” Because they are covered by forest canopy, they are hard to access by aerial shots. Because of this, national databases may not hold an accurate picture of the number of wetlands out there. 

    This study showcases the importance of locating these hidden wetlands to ensure they’re protected for generations to come.

    5. Upcycling Plastic Becomes Beautiful Art

    The growing trend of upcycling transforms used plastics into new treasures — going beyond mere recycling. The upcycling community is engaging in creative projects, repurposing plastics into useful items — like bags from bottles and coasters from straws. 

    This movement fosters unity and joy in the waste-reduction movement.

    6. Targeted Grazing Is Becoming Another Defense for Wildfire Prevention

    Innovative solutions for wildfire prevention are on the rise. One approach is bringing some of the wooliest solutions: goats and sheep. Targeted grazing is taking shape to help achieve land management goals that will ultimately reduce wildfire risk. 

    Target grazing, or managed grazing, allows sheep, goats, and other animals to graze in specific areas. Not only will these practices help reduce wildfire risk, but they will also help reduce overgrazing and land degradation. This Earth-friendly approach helps the environment on multiple levels, reducing the risk of forest fires while also helping ensure landscapes remain whole and healthy.

    We hope you enjoyed reading March’s good news stories as much as we enjoyed featuring them! Remember, there is good in the world if you know where to look for it. And if you want to create your own good news, you can positively impact the environment by planting trees where they are needed the most!

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    Gabrielle Clawson
    Gabrielle Clawson

    Gabrielle helps with fundraising and marketing, working with peer-to-peer fundraising as well as business fundraising. With experience in both women's rights and climate change organizations, she has a strong passion for non-profits and is excited to make an impact in the world through environmental change!